Planning & Applying for an Event Permit

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Event Guidelines

Please ensure you familiarise yourself with the below guidelines.

Step 1. Planning an Event

1. Make sure you have enough time to apply

Timeframes for an Event Permit application vary depending on the complexity of each event.

The table below offers a guide using basic criteria such as attendee numbers, traffic managerment requirements and infrastructure. To ensure your Event Permit can be processed in a timely manner, please submit your application as early as possible. 

Low Impact 

Event attracting up to 1000 attendees.

No road closures but may require some changed traffic conditions.

Applications must be received minimum of
6 weeks prior to the date of the planned event

Medium Impact 

Event exceeding 1000 attendees.

Requires some road closures and/or traffic management to change road conditions.

Applications must be received a minimum of
12 weeks prior to the date of the planned event.

High Impact 

Event exceeding 6000 attendees.

Requires complex road closures and/or traffic management. May also include large infrastructure builds.

Applications must be received minimum of
6 months prior to the date of the planned event

PLEASE NOTE If your event requires Traffic Management or any internal or external licences or permits then your event permit application must be received to coincide with these timeframes and vary from 8 - 12 weeks.  Please see point 3 for further information and timeframes for external stakeholders.

We are unable to accept late submissions.


2. Check availability of your preferred facility

Search venues and complete your booking online

3. Gather required documentation

Ensure you have the following documentation ready to submit with your application: 

Public Liability Insurance (minimum $20m)

Detailed Site Plan or Course Map

​Event Management Plan, including a run sheet or schedule

Risk Management Plan

Emergency Management Plan


Depending on your event, you may also be required to submit the following with your event application:

Detailed Marketing & Communications Plan if you are applying for sponsorship

Traffic Management Plan (applications must be received 8 weeks prior to your event). Please upload your plan HERE

VicRoads Authorisation (applications must be received minimum 90 days prior to your event)

Place of Public Entertainment Permit (POPE) (applications must be received minimum 8 weeks prior to your event)

Temporary Occupancy Permit (TOP) (applications must be received minimum 8 weeks prior to your event)

Liquor Licence (applications must be received minimum 8-12 weeks prior to your event)

Local Laws permits including portable advertising signage permit and roadside trading permit (applications must be received minimum 2 weeks prior to your event)

Resident Event Notification Letter

Land Permits:

A summary of timeframes for Council permits and permits from external stakeholders is bleow. Your Event Permit will not be approved until all other relevant permits and permissions have been issued. Please note that the timeframes listed details the minimum amount of time required to process and issue a permit and does not take into account any possible delays or other roadblocks that may slow progress. To avoid the possibility of your permit not being issued in time, please submit applications as early as possible.

Alpine Shire Council permits Minimum timeframe
Event Permit 6 weeks to 6 months
Works/Occupation on Council Land (traffic management on Council roads)  8 weeks prior
Place of Public Entertainment (POPE) permit 8 weeks prior
Temporary Occupancy Permit (TOP) 8 weeks prior
Local Laws permits 2 weeks prior
External permits Minimum timeframe
VicRoads (permit and MoA) 90 days prior
Victoria Police (Highway permit) 2 months prior
Liquor licence 8-12 weeks prior
DEECA (use of State Forest area) 8-12 weeks prior
Parks Victoria (use of National Parks) 8 weeks prior

​4. Event Funding & Support Programs

Council supports the management and delivery of the events sector through its Event Funding Program and support services. 

Applications for funding are invited annually.

For more information about funding opportunities please go to the Funding and Support Programs page.


For clarification on any of the above, please check our Planning an Event FAQ


Step 2. Venue Hire

Please ensure you have booked your venue or facility as early as possible

Facility bookings open 12 months in advance. It is best to book your facility as soon as you have firmed up your event date. If you wish to book a facility outside of 12 months, please contact the events team.

Check availability & book desired facility

For all council-owned indoor facilities, please book via this link

For all other indoor facilities, please Contact the venue directly for information

All council-owned outdoor spaces can be booked directly with the Events Team.


For clarification on any of the above, please check our Venue Hire FAQ


Step 3. Apply for an Event Permit

1. Before applying for an event permit, please refer to 'Planning an Event' section to ensure you have:

  • Enough time to apply
  • Gathered all your required documentation
  • Apply for all council related & external related permits

If you cannot gain all required documentation you can submit an online application and upload documentation once finalised, the earlier an application is submitted the better for the events team.

2. Ensure you have checked the availability of your preferred facility

Search venues and complete your booking online

3. Ensure you are familiar with Council’s Event Strategy and the permitting conditions and timeframes applicable to your proposed event

Council's Event Strategy

4. Apply Online for Event Permit

Now that you have all the necessary documentation and council related permit applications underway, you can commence with your Event Permit Application.


5. We will review your application.

Once we have received your application, the events team will review it and follow up with you in 5 business days


For clarification on any of the above, please check our Applying for an Event Permit FAQ


If you have any questions please dont hesitate to get in touch.

For any new events we encourage you to discuss your proposed event with the Events Team prior to applying.

Contact Us 

Alpine Shire Events Team

T: 03 5755 0555





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