Trees and Open Spaces

Council manages and maintains approximately 2000 hectares of open spaces throughout the Alpine Shire. 

Parks and Gardens

Council manages and maintains a number of parks, gardens, reserves and other open spaces for community and visitor use.

Regular inspections of parks and gardens are undertaken and necessary maintenance is scheduled based on intervention levels.


Council manages and maintains various playgrounds with a large variety of equipment for children of all ages for community and visitor use. Regular inspections of parks and gardens are undertaken and necessary maintenance is scheduled based on the Australian Standards for Playground Equipment.


Trees are an important and very significant asset. Many of our towns are renowned for their trees, particularly for the displays of colour that occur during autumn. Inspections and maintenance of trees are undertaken on both a planned and reactive basis depending on the requirements of individual and stands of trees.

Any works that may impact Council managed trees require a Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) to be established. The necessity for a TPZ will be outlined as a condition in an Occupation of and/or Works on Council Land Permit which must be obtained before conducting any works or occupation of Council-managed land.

For more details regarding tree protection, please download Council's Tree Protection Guide.

Tree Management Plan

Trees are a highly valued asset and significantly contribute to the amenity of towns across the Alpine Shire. Like any other asset, trees need to be managed effectively to maximise their benefits and minimise adverse effects.

The Alpine Shire Council Tree Management Plan 2021 provides principles and describes process for addressing:

  • Tree management
  • Risk identification and mitigation
  • Tree inspections and assessments
  • Tree selection and planting
  • Tree removal
  • Tree protection
  • Infrastructure protection
  • Electric line clearance
  • Tree maintenance



Weeds pose a serious threat to agriculture and biodiversity in the Alpine Shire. Many species have the potential to reduce agricultural productivity, displace native species, threaten social values and contribute significantly to land and water degradation.

Council has prepared a Weed Management Strategy in order to prioritise important species to control. It is the responsibility of all land managers to control weeds.

Managing weeds on roadsides

Roadsides provide a ready means for invasive plants and pest animals to spread throughout the Shire, threatening parks, forests and rural land asset values.

The Roadside Weeds and Pests Program prioritises the management of ‘regionally prohibited’ and ‘regionally controlled’ weeds and pest animals on rural roadsides in line with State and regional priorities.

Further information on weed management in Victoria can be found on the Agriculture Victoria website.

Collection of Firewood

Free firewood collection permit is available from Council; to collect fallen timber from local roads. Email your completed form to

Firewood collection from forest and bush; you can collect firewood from designated areas without a permit.

More information is available on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website.

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