Sustainable Transport

Several low emissions transport options are currently available to Alpine Shire residents.

Active Transport

Alpine Shire has a wonderful bicycle and walking path network, both paved and unpaved, across the Shire to allow safe, off-road cycling and walking between and within townships. 

E-Bicycles are also a great form of zero emissions transport when charged with renewable energy – more accessible to more people as it allows a more moderate exercise than traditional bicycles.

Public Transport

Mass public transport is both more economical and less GHG intensive than personal modes of transport.  Although public transport options are limited within the Alpine Shire, there are connecting VLine buses from townships within the shire to the train services in Wangaratta and Albury; as well as a number of other bus options for travel including Omeo to Bright and from townships to the Alpine Resorts.  When planning trips consideration should be given to public transport options where possible.

VLine run connecting coach services to Albury and Wangaratta

Omeo to Bright Alpine Bus Link connect Bright and Omeo, stopping at townships along the way

Alpine Spirit High Country Coaches run the Mount Hotham bus service

Falls Creek Bus Services run bus services between Mount Beauty and Albury, as well as their snow service to Falls Creek

Rotary Community Bus Myrtleford a community bus available for public booking

Hotham Bus and Falls Bus also offer snow services in the winter

Carpooling or ride sharing 

With limited public transport options in the region another opportunity to reduce petrol use, also saving money, is to carpool or ride share.  This could be when commuting for work, driving children to school, or going to the shops.

Electric Vehicles

There are many reasons to consider an Electric Vehicle (EV) for your next car purchase:

  • Zero emissions when charged with 100% renewable electricity
  • Lower maintenance costs due to less moving parts
  • Lower running costs particularly if charged at home with rooftop solar PV
  • Ever increasing EV options within the Australian market


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