Council Pound

Impounded Animals

Animals that are at large can often cause a nuisance to other people and may be impounded by the Local Laws team.

Animals that trespass on private property can be impounded by the owner. Once impounded the owner must contact the Local Laws team so as they can be moved to the Council pound.

If you have contained a dog after hours, or believe your dog has been impounded after hours, contact Council's After Hours number on 03 5755 0555 to arrange pick up of the dog. Impounded animals can only be released during business hours.

Impounding Fees  

Animal Impounding Fee Sustenance Fee per day
Small Stock (Sheep, goats, etc.) $50.00 $17.00
Registered Dogs and Cats $85.00 $17.00
Unregistered Dogs and Cats $180.00 $17.00
Large Stock (Cattle, horses etc.) $100.00 $30.00

Small and large stock may also have the cost of cartage and advertising added. Stock will be held for a minimum of 7 days in the pound. If they are not claimed within this period they will be taken to market and sold.

All dogs and cats over the age of 3 months will have to be registered before release from the pound. Dogs and cats will be held for a minimum of 8 days in the pound. After this period suitable animals will be re-homed. Unsuitable animals will be euthanised.

Pound Location

The Council's pound is located in Bright. Contact Council's Local Laws team for the pound location.

If you suspect your animal has been impounded, contact Council on 03 5755 0555 during business hours. You will then be asked to identify the animal. If the animal is yours you will be required to sign a release form and pay the appropriate impounding fee at the Bright Council Office. Your animal will then be collected from the pound by the Local Laws team and reunited with you at the Council Office.

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