Building FAQ

Find answers for a range of frequently asked questions related to Building. 

  • Can I change the building permit?

    If you change the plans, you can change the building permit.

    You may have to pay additional costs.

  • Can I extend the building permit?

    You can extend the building permit when the building takes longer than planned. Apply for an extension.

  • Do I need a building permit?

    The Victorian Building Authority's Practice Note BP-01 provides guidance on when a building permit is not required for the proposed building work, and:

    • When is a building permit required?
    • What is building work
    • Exemptions from building permit requirements

    Read Practice Note BP-01 here.

    For more information contact the Building Services Team on (03) 5755 0555.

  • How do I get a copy of plans or certificates for my home?

    Please use the request for certificates and plans and contact the Building Services Team on (03) 5755 0555.

  • How do I get an Occupancy Permit?

    You receive an Occupancy Permit after the final, mandatory inspection. You can also apply for an occupancy permit.


  • What if I have a problem on my building site?

    The Victorian Building Commission's (VBA) website has a comprehensive list of what to do if you have a problem or complaint.

  • I want to install a swimming pool or an outdoor spa, where can I find the appropriate information?

    The Victorian Building Association's (VBA) website provides up to date information regarding pools and spas.

  • What do other building services cost?

    Administrative / Technical Services

    Legal Point of Discharge Information 


    Building Information Certificates 


    Essential service inspection and report  

    $495 (min)

    Retrieve Historic Permit Documents (Copy) – On Site 

    $35 (min)

    Retrieve Historic Permit Documents (Copy) – Off Site 

    $75 (min)

    Retrieve Individual Copies of Certificate of Final Inspection, Occupancy Permits etc.   

    $35 per copy

    Report and Consent

    Variation to siting (Part 5) 

    $299.80 each

    Notification of adjoining landowners for siting variation 

    $125.50 each

    Flooding (Reg 153)


    Projections beyond street alignment (Part 6)


    Protection of the public (Reg 116)


    Swimming Pool Registration Fees

    Pool registration


    Information search associated with pool registration


    Certificate of compliance lodgement


    Certificate of non-compliance lodgement


    On site pool inspection (2 site visits max)

     $456.50 + GST

    Temporary Structures

    Temporary Siting approvals x3 Structures

    $447.80 + GST

    Temporary Siting approvals more than 3 Structures 

    $570.20 + GST

    Places of Public Entertainment (Pope)-

    Attendance up to 1000 persons and 1 Prescribed Structure 

    $1,146.50 + GST

    Attendance up to 5000 persons and 5 Prescribed Structure 

    $1,560.60 + GST

    Attendance of greater than 5,000 persons and more than 5 Prescribed structures 

    $1,769.70 + GST

    Consulting fees (per hr)

    Building Inspector & Assistant BS 

    $161.50 + GST

    Building Surveyor 

    $205.75+ GST

    Municipal Building Surveyor 

    $280.50+ GST


  • What does a building permit cost?

    a. Commercial Works

    You pay a lodgement fee, a fee that depends on the total cost of the works, and a state government levy.

    1. The lodgement fee is $125.80
    2. The State Government levy is $1.28 per $1,000, if the cost of work is more than $10,000.

    3. The fees that depend on the cost of the building works are:
    Swipe the table left to right to scroll.
    Cost of works Minimum fee
    $0 - $14,999 $880.00 (GST included)
    $15,000 - $39,999 $1,100 (GST included)
    $40,000 and over Please call Council on 5755 0555

        b. Domestic Works

    You pay a lodgement fee, a fee that depends on the nature of the project and total cost of the works, and a state government levy.

    1. The state government levy is $1.28 per $1,000, if the cost of work is more than $10,000
    2. The fees that depend on the cost of the building works are:

    Swipe the table left to right to scroll.

    Type of works Minimum fee
    New dwellings $1250 + GST
    Multi-unit development Call for fee

    Carports, Fences, Verandahs, Patios, Pergolas, Mast and Minor Alterations & Additions or Masts - up to 3 Inspections  <$16000 alterations / additions to Class 1, or 10 building

    $800 + GST

    Garages, Carports, Verandahs, Patios, Pergolas, Sheds etc. - up to 4 inspections $16,001 or greater. alterations / addition to a Class 1, or 10

    $1000 + GST
    Swimming pool (in-ground) $1000 + GST
    Swimming pool (above-ground) $800 + GST
    Restumping or demolition Competitive quote
    Dwelling extensions / alterations Competitive quote

    Fee exclusions

    • Independent inspections (such as by engineer)
    • Structural assessment and certification
    • Applications for BAB modifications
    • Applications for authority permit / consent (septic, flooding, etc)
    • Compliance Statement (Such as suitability of existing building for subdivision)
    • Reg 126 certificate of compliance for endorsement of fire engineering reports

    Potential further fees for administration / technical services 

    • Staging of permits (per stage) | $750.00  + GST
    • Additional Inspection or Re-Inspections | $232.00 + GST / $316.00 + GST (Remote Areas)
    • Non-mandatory inspection | $232.00 + GST
    • Amendment to Building Permit (Minor) |  $137.00 + GST
    • Amendment to Building Permit (Major) | $274.00  + GST
    • Extension of Time for Building Permit | $268.00  + GST
    • Performance solutions - amenity matter (per item) | $350.00  + GST
    • Performance solutions - access matter (per item) | $500.00  + GST
    • Performance solutions - fire safety matter (per item) | $650.00  + GST
    • Partial compliance Exemption - amenity matter (per item) | $300.00  + GST
    • Partial compliance Exemption - access matter (per item) | $450.00  + GST
    • Partial compliance Exemption - fire safety matter (per item) | $550.00  + GST
  • Where do I find Bushfire Attack Level information?

    The residential building standard for bushfire protection aims to improve the ability of a building to withstand a bushfire attack. This provides greater protection for the occupants who may be sheltering inside while the fire front passes.

    The BAL takes into consideration a number of factors, including the Fire Danger Index, the slope of the land, types of surrounding vegetation and its proximity to any building.

    Learn more online at the Victorian Building Authority here.

    Access the VBA's Bushfire Attack Level Assessment Report Form here.

  • Where do I get information on Report and Consent?

    For information relating to Report and Consent (including necessary application forms) visit Council's Building page

  • Which regulations apply to building?

    There are many standards and regulations that apply to building. Some are listed here.

    Installing or Changing a Septic Tank

    You need a permit to install or change a septic tank. Apply for this permit.

    Building on Stormwater Drainage

    Council is responsible for stormwater drainage, and creates easements on private land to connect the network. This means you cannot build on a drainage easement. You are allowed to build light structures, such as chicken coops or cubby houses, but these may need to be removed for work on the drainage system. Council will not pay for their replacement.

    Other Building Regulations and Standards

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