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Preparing for an emergency is everyone’s responsibility.

Be Aware

Understand warnings on Vic Emergency and keep up to date with Fire Danger Ratings at least two days in advance. 

Planning and Preparing

The Australian Red Cross has been supporting people during times of disaster for many years and understands being prepared for bushfire, flood, cyclone and other disasters. Their site has some great tools for preparing, responding and recovering, including preparedness for elderly, chronically ill and those with a disability.

Build your own survival kit using the Red Cross survival kit checklist


Victoria State Emergency Service (SES) is the control agency for floods and storms in Victoria. SES is responsible for planning and managing a response if flooding or storms occur.

SES provides infomation on how to prepare for floods, including FloodSmart Action Guides for the Ovens Valley and Kiewa Valley.

The Myrtleford Flood Guide provides important information for residents of Myrtleford and surrounding areas, including information about flood warnings, preparedness and emergency checklists.

Council's Municipal Flood Emergency Plan outlines the responsiblity and roles of Council and other stakeholders in the case of flooding in the Alpine Shire.


The SES Emergency Toolkit is a guide for preparing for and staying safe during a range of emergencies. SES also provides advice on how to prepare for storms.

In a flood or storm emergency visit the SES website for up-to-date information.


The Country Fire Authority (CFA) is the control agency for fires in Victoria. The CFA website has a number of valuable tools to support you to understand your level of risk and to plan and prepare for fires. 

CFA have developed Community Information Guides (formerly Township Protection Plans), which are a key source of information for the community and an important tool to emphasise the shared responsibility between the community, fire services and local government.

Council has worked closely with the CFA, DELWP and other agencies to develop a Municipal Fire Management Plan to assist in mitigating risks associated with bushfire.

More resources:

CFA – Your Guide to Property Preparation 

CFA – Bushfire Survival Plan


Council has developed a Municipal Heatwave Plan in partnership with other organisations to support the community in extreme heat conditions.

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) issues heat health alerts which you can subscribe to on the Vic Health Website

Extreme heat can cause heat exhaustion, heatstroke and sometimes death. It is important to stay safe and check on others during extreme heat. The Victorian Government’s Better Health Channel has some great tips and advice on how to stay safe and cope in extreme heat.

Animals and Pets

Council plans for animals in their Municipal Emergency Animal Welfare Plan.

It is important when planning to include arrangements for your pets, horses and livestock so that you know what to do to minimise the impact in an emergency.

Ensure that you have the necessary food, caging, bedding, medication and transport if you are planning to relocate. If you have valuable bloodstock or pedigree papers it is wise to pack them with your family paperwork and photos. Further information can be found at Agriculture Victoria and RSPCA.

Power Outages

It is important to plan for power outage during days of extreme heat or cold. If your supply is interrupted contact 13 17 99 or visit Energy Safe Victoria to see if you need to enact your plan.

Council do not look after power supply issues.

Resources in Other Languages

Further Links to Help You to Prepare

  • The Victorian Government‘s Insure it. It’s worth it provides valuable information on insurance to help you to prepare financially for if you are affected by an emergency.
  • Deaf Emergency Information has important emergency information and videos in Auslan and written English, including information on bushfire, flood, storm and heat.

Community-led Planning

Community Resilience plays a vital role in ensuring that communities are prepared to respond and recover from disasters such as bushfires, storms and floods.

The strength and prosperity of any community, no matter how big or small, is enhanced by the resilience of its individuals and communities.

Council is committed to helping communities build resilience through providing information and support, and aiding recovery and preparation.

Council is proud to be a member of the Alpine Community Resilience Committee, along with supporting agencies and community members. Together they support Alpine communities to be more resilient before, during and after emergencies.

Holiday and Camping Bushfire Safety

Always check the Fire Danger Ratings for your destination before you go and when you arrive, and listen to local radio. Make sure you have a fully charged battery.

When camping in the bush, fires should be treated with care. The risk of bushfire should not be taken lightly.

Visit Parks Victoria for information on travelling through or visiting bushfire risk areas and VicRoads for road closure information.

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