Act and Respond

In an emergency it is essential to stay alert and keep informed.

During an Emergency

In the event of an emergency, always dial 000. This will direct you to Ambulance, Fire and Police.

For storm and flood assistance ONLY call SES on 132 500.

Put your plan into place – If you plan to leave, leave early.

Incidents and Warnings

In an emergency it is important to stay aware and keep informed and up to date.

VicEmergency is the central place for warnings and information on all hazards, including fire, flood, storm, tsunami, earthquake, landslide and more.

Always use more than one reputable source for warnings such as:


Community alert sirens are used as part of Victoria’s warning system for all types of emergencies – including flood, fire and storm. Myrtleford CFA has a community alert siren at the local CFA station.

You need to listen to how long the siren sounds for, as it can mean two things:

  • Short Siren (up to 90 seconds) – indicates that the CFA Brigade has responded to an incident nearby. Stay informed.
  • Extended Siren (5 minutes) – indicates that a current emergency has been identified in the local area and people should seek further information immediately. The emergency incident will impact people in this area.

Telephone Alerts

A Telephone Alert is one way emergency services can alert the community to official warning information using the National Emergency Alert system.

  • You don’t need to sign up – the information can be targeted to you by your landline (voice), or mobile phone (text) – either by address or by a specific geographic area.
  • Alerts will begin with “Emergency, Emergency” and will only be received if your landline and mobile phone (based on its billing address and/or your last known location) is within the defined area and has service.
  • Telephone Alerts are not used in all circumstances, and depends on the nature of the incident. You should not wait to receive a Telephone Alert before you act.

Places of Last Resort (formerly Neighbourhood Safer Places)

The Alpine Shire has 10 designated Place of Last Resort (formerly called Neighbourhood Safer Places), in the event of a bush fire.

Residents must be aware that Places of Last Resort are purely a last resort to provide shelter during the passage of a fire when all other personal survival plans have failed.

Places of Last Resort should not be considered as places to relocate to when leaving early. Safety and survival cannot be guaranteed at these sites as support services will not be provided and these locations will offer minimum protection against radiant heat and embers.

Places of Last Resort in the Alpine Shire exist at:

Town Place of Last Resort
Bright and Wandiligong Pioneer Park, Bright - Oval
Harrietville Harrietville Hall
Porepunkah Porepunkah Hall and Oval
Dederang Dederang Memorial Hall
Myrtleford Ablett Pavilion and RC McNamara Reserve Oval
Mount Beauty Mount Beauty Sports Stadium
Tawonga Tawonga Memorial Hall

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