A planning permit may be required if you want to:

  • change the use of a building or land
  • subdivide
  • build
  • build at Dinner Plain

How do I apply for a Planning Permit?

Planning for Heritage Buildings, Flood-prone Areas and Bushfire Zones

You may need to pay special attention in your application to the following overlays in the Alpine Planning Scheme:

1. Heritage building or place

Your application could impact significant buildings, areas, places or trees. Your project then requires a planning permit to make sure that heritage is protected. Please see the General Heritage Guidelines.

2. Building in flood-prone areas

When building in flood-prone areas, your application requires the approval of the catchment management authority to protect against loss of life, infrastructure and water quality. Guidelines for building in flood-prone areas.

3. Bushfire Mangagement Overlay

Your application must minimize the risk of loss of life and property by bushfire. You can find more information on the bushfire management overlay on the website of the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, for instance:

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