Business Permits

Running a Business from Home

You can run your business from home without a permit, when your business does not disturb your neighbours and neighbourhood. This is when:

  • You work from your own home
  • You work with maximally one other person at your home
  • You do not use more than 50 square metres, or one-third of your home’s surface area for the business
  • You have maximally one vehicle for your business
  • You do not service or repair cars or other vehicles
  • You do not display goods, and store goods for trade inside
  • Your business does not disrupt the neighbourhood (for instance through traffic, noise, emissions, parking, or chemicals)

Please read the full guidelines and contact Council if you have any questions.

Permit for Roadside Trading

You may want to set up a stall or a caravan to sell products in the Alpine Shire. If you do this on a Council road, footpath or nature strip, you need to get a permit. Businesses, community groups and fundraising organisations need a permit for roadside trading.

Permit for Roadside Advertising

If you plan to advertise on the roadside, you need a permit. You can apply for a permit using the form.

Busking Permit

You need a busking permit if you plan to perform or entertain in the streets for money.

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