Dinner Plain Village Victoria

Dinner Plain

Dinner Plain, the only new township to be created in Victoria in the past 80 years, is continuing to grow from strength to strength.

Community Building Initiative

The Dinner Plain township is part of the Community Building Initiative (CBI).

Each town in the CBI program has developed a Community Atlas containing information including a town profile, asset mapping, results of community workshops identifying the needs and aspirations of the town, what is planned for the town, challenges and next steps as well as a community action plan.

The Dinner Plain profile can be downloaded from the Community Atlases page. Full documents including photographs can be obtained by requesting the full CBI series on CD Rom, from the Community Services department on (03) 5755 0555, or by requesting via email.

Dinner Plain Strategic Framework Plan

Alpine Shire Council has developed Framework Plans for each township through consultation with the respective communities. Framework Plans identify the major issues and opportunities associated with land use and the sustainability of the township as well as providing guidance for managing growth, development of open space and recreation facilities and improving the township character. The Framework Plans also recognise the recommendations of other township specific strategies and Masterplan.

Each Framework Plan includes a range of recommendations that are prioritised in accordance with available resources, community needs and perceived benefits.

Framework Plans are reviewed and updated periodically to reflect the advancement of identified recommendations and to ensure they respond to current issues and community aspirations.

Download the Dinner Plain Strategic Framework Plan here.

Dinner Plain Masterplan

The Dinner Plain Masterplan provides the foundation for achieving the vision for Dinner Plain through guiding development and prioritising the implementation of infrastructure to support the growing capacity of the village.

The revised Dinner Plain Masterplan, March 2008, provides the strategies and actions necessary to achieve the vision for Dinner Plain as an accessible, unique alpine village.

Download the Dinner Plain Masterplan here.

Dinner Plain Recreation and Leisure Strategy

The Dinner Plain Recreation and Leisure Strategy is a strategic guide to inform future development of recreation and leisure opportunities in Dinner Plain.

Download the Dinner Plain Recreation and Leisure Strategy here.

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