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Liveability Plan

The Alpine Liveability Plan is a key Council document that establishes a framework to provide the best possible health and wellbeing outcomes for the community.

Legislation requires Councils to prepare a Municipal Health and Wellbeing Plan within twelve months of each general Council election. The 2013 Municipal Health and Wellbeing Plan, locally known as the Alpine Liveability Plan (the Plan), replaces the 2009 version. The Plan is consistent with the 2030 Community Vision, informs the Council Plan and the Municipal Strategic Statement, and connects with a range of other Council plans and strategies.

The Plan has been developed with reference to the latest data available and with the involvement of the local community and other key stakeholders.

Council hopes to achieve a coordinated approach to improving community health and wellbeing by collaborating with Alpine Health, Ovens and King Community Health Service, the Central Hume Primary Care Partnership, and the Alpine Local Health and Wellbeing Partnership (a local focus group of the Central Hume Primary Care Partnership).

The key outcome areas of the Plan are:
Sustainability – Quality of life in balance with the environment which includes the priorities:

  • Environment and land use;
  • Community resilience;
  • Health and social planning;
  • Infrastructure assets; and
  • Public health protection.

Community – Respecting the bonds between people and place which includes the priorities:

  • Early years;
  • Young people;
  • Families; and
  • Positive Ageing.

Opportunity – Encouraging an environment that stimulates creativity and innovation which includes the priorities:

  • Life-long learning;
  • Skills development and retention; and
  • Sport and Recreation

Connectivity – Creating an environment that encourages people to be active in their community which includes the priorities:

  • Planning for mobility;
  • Social connectedness; and
  • Disability access and inclusion

For any further information about the Plan please contact the council 03 5755 0555.

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