Mount Beauty Airfield


Alpine Shire Council's committees of management operate several airfields in the Alpine Shire.



Alpine Shire Council, Great Alpine Rd, Bright, Victoria
Phone: 03 5755 0555

Porepunkah Airfield Association Inc

President mobile: 0421 021 562
Duty ARO mobile: 0490 175 178


36 43 S, 146 53 E

Two nautical miles south of Porepunkah located in the Buckland Valley on the east side of Mount Buffalo National Park.


935 ft Above Mean Sea Level (AMSL)

Grass strip

Runway direction 18 / 36
Runway length 700mt (Caution: Runway is temporarily shorter)
Runway width 30mt
Runway 36 slopes down towards the north by 1 degree


126.0 MHZ


  • G.A
  • Ultralights
  • Microlights
  • Hang gliders
  • Para-gliders
  • R/C model aircraft
  • Sailplanes - aerotow (seasonal)


All users should use an airband radio and monitor other aircraft movements.

All users without radios fitted to craft should arrange for a responsible person with a handheld airband radio to monitor other aircraft movements, and advise users to vacate the runway proper (outside the strip) when powered aircraft are departing or arriving.


  • Strip may become soft after heavy rain
  • High ground to west and east of airfield.
  • A road access passes the airfield at the northern end.
  • Landing area is not suitable for night operations - no lighting is available.
  • Intensive hangliding and paragliding activities in area, particularly around Bright township

Operating hours and fly neighbourly policy

Normal Operating Hours
Monday - Saturday:
From 8 AM (Sunday 9 AM) for normal aircraft operations up to 8 PM.
No microlight departures before 7.30 AM (or Sunday 8.30 AM)

Other Times
No continuous circuits.
Single aircraft departures away from the valley and arrivals are permitted.
No continuous engine test runs permitted outside normal operating hours.

Noise sensitive areas

Noise sensitive areas exist around the airfield.
Late downwind and base legs for both RWY 36 and 18 are particularly sensitive.
Normal circuit heights should be adhered to.


A landing donation for airfield upkeep - $5 per visit - red box on shed near toilet.

Taxi Service

Bright Taxi - 0423 015 152

Tourist information




36 44.0 S, 147 10.0 E

The airfield is approximately one kilometre north of Mount Beauty, immediately north of the hydro power station regulating pondage and approximately one kilometre east of the Kiewa Valley Highway.


Alpine Shire Council, Great Alpine Road, Bright, Vic.
Ph 03 5755 0555

Mout Beauty Airfield Committee of management

Contact: Tony Edwards 0420 372 084


1100 feet (335m) Above Mean Sea Level (AMSL)


Runway direction 14/32
Single Runway, unsealed gravel centre section, a 300m length is bitumen sealed from the 32 landing threshold
Runway useable length is approximately 905m and runway width (including grass area) is approximately 22 metres with the gravelled centre strip being approximately seven metres wide.


126.00 MHZ


There is a general aviation all weather parking area with cable tie downs on the western side of the airstrip and on the northern side of the terminal building and facilities.


  • General aviation
  • Seasonal firebombing
  • Aerial ambulance
  • Sailplane gliders (winch and air-tow launching)
  • Ultralights
  • Microlights
  • Hang gliders
  • Para-gliders
  • Radio controlled models


All users should use an air band radio to monitor aircraft movements on 126.00.

All radio equipped aircraft must communicate with other aircraft on 126.00.

GA visitors must be vigilant for non radio equipped aircraft.


  • Grass surrounds of the strip may become soft after heavy rain.
  • Gliding winch is located in the paddock on the extended centreline of runway 32
  • Runway threshold 32 is permanently displaced 220m
  • Right hand circuits when operating off runway 32
  • Take off from runway 14 not permitted for powered aircraft due to steep terrain

Fly neighbourly

The Mount Beauty Airport Management Association welcomes aviators to use the facility and enjoy the surrounding panoramic scenery and the hospitality of the town.

In return we ask that pilots avoid flying over the town except when approaching to land if conditions require the use of runway 32.

Where operationally possible we encourage powered aircraft to use runway 14 for landings and 32 for takeoffs.


The airport is managed and maintained by the Airport Management Association using fees collected from airport users and leasees.

To assist the Management Association to maintain this facility we ask that pilots pay a landing fee of $5 per visit.

A collection box for the fees is located at the front of the terminal building.

Taxi Service

Mount Beauty Taxi - 0409 573 909

Tourist information

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