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Toms Road Deviation and Land Exchange - recommendations on exhibition!

Following the reaching of in-principle support from adjoining landowners and Council, on Tuesday, 29 August, Councilors moved to correct the resolution from the 5 April 2022 and approve the revised recommendations as outlined: 

  • Noted that it has entered into an agreement with the adjoining landowners to carry out Road Deviation, Sub-division, and Land Exchange on two section of Toms Road, Tawonga referred as North Road and South Road. 
  • Passed a resolution to commence the statutory procedures to carry out the proposed Road Deviation and Land Exchanges on two sections of Toms Road, Tawonga referred to North and South Road.
  • Authorised the Chief Executive Officer to give public notice of the proposed Road Deviation and Land Exchanges. 
  • ​Consider any public submissions received in respect of the proposed road deviation and land exchange and receive a further report prior to making a final decision on whether to proceed with the proposed road deviation and land exchange. 

To view the full proposal, please head to https://bit.ly/3Z2L9Io  

If you would like to provide feedback on the proposed road deviation and land exchange, please submit it in writing to submissions@alpineshire.vic.gov.au  

Public exhibition will close on Tuesday, 3 October 2023.  

Making a Submission

Any person may make a submission on the proposals currently on public exhibition.

Submissions are an important way in which you can play a role in Council's decision-making process.

Your submission may be in support of the proposal on exhibition, in opposition to it, support or oppose parts of the proposal, or neutral with the provision of information you would like us to consider.

In some cases, Council holds a Committee of Council in which you can elect to come and present your submission to a panel in person.

You can give your feedback:

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