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Draft amendments to Governance Rules

At its ordinary council meeting on 2 August 2022, Alpine Shire Council endorsed draft amendments to the Governance Rules for the purposes of inviting public comment.  The draft amendments include:

Election of Mayor

Section 25 of the Local Government Act 2020 (LGA 2020) specifies that the Mayor must be elected by an absolute majority of Councillors.  Chapter 2 “Procedure for the election of Mayor and Deputy Mayor” has been updated to make this requirement clear, and to provide further clarification for occasions where more than two nominees for the position of Mayor or Deputy Mayor occur.

Electronic Attendance

Chapter 3 “Meeting procedure for Council meetings” has been updated to allow for attendance by electronic means of communication.  This includes clarifying the means of voting so that it can be in a manner either visible or audible to the Chairperson, and providing for a Councillor to request attendance by electronic means.  Mode of attendance at Council meetings will be amended to: 

  • Wholly in person;
  • Wholly by electronic means; or
  • Partially in person and partially by electronic means.

Council does not currently have capacity to hold partial (hybrid) meetings, however the ability to hold Council meetings in this manner has been included so that once Council’s systems allow this in the future, a further change in Governance Rules is not required.

Conflict of Interest

Chapter 7 “Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest” has been updated to require declarations to include whether they are ‘general’ or ‘material’ in accordance with definitions in the LGA 2020.   


Petitions have been amended to include the ability for electronic / online petitions to be lodged.  Previously, Council required petitions to be in hard copy.

Question time

Where Council meetings are advertised as being held electronically, questions on notice must be submitted ahead of the meeting, and will be read out by the Chairperson.


Several miscellaneous amendments have been made to Chapter 3 “Meeting procedure for Council meetings”, including clarification when the Mayor is speaking to a motion,  and clarification for minutes of confidential Council Meetings.

A copy of the draft amendments to the Governance Rules may be inspected at the Bright Council Office, Customer Service Centres in Mount Beauty and Myrtleford, and downloaded below.  Draft amendments are clearly marked as red changes in the document, with sections being replaced marked in blue.

DOWNLOAD draft amendments to Governance Rules

If you would like to provide feedback on the draft amendments, written submissions must be received by Council by close of business on Friday 19 August 2022, addressed to:

Submissions, Alpine Shire Council, PO Box 139, Bright 3741; or submissions@alpineshire.vic.gov.au; or via the online portal.

After considering submissions, Council will formally adopt the the Governance Rules at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 6 September 2022.

For more information contact Dennis O’Keeffe, Manager Corporate on 03 5755 0555.

Draft Alpine Shire Youth Strategy 2022 - 24

The inaugural Alpine Shire Youth Strategy 2022-2024 sets the direction for the next three years, guiding Communities that Care Alpine (CTCA) and its partners’ efforts to cultivate resilience, wellbeing and opportunities for young people and their families in the Alpine Shire region.

The Youth Strategy establishes a clear focus for CTCA and identifies CTCA’s role, priorities, and initiatives to create the greatest positive impact for young people in Alpine Shire.

CTCA consists of a group (coalition members) of passionate and committed schools, community organisations and service providers who will leverage their strengths to deliver on the Youth Strategy. To deliver on the priorities set out in the Youth Strategy, collaboration across the community is critical as well as the participation, contribution, and the voice of young people.

The Youth Strategy was developed in collaboration with coalition members and aligns to their aspirations to create a thriving Alpine Shire where young people live, work and study. It was also designed through an extensive engagement process with young people across the region.

The Draft Alpine Shire Youth Strategy is now available for public comment.

Local young people, and those who care for, and care about, young people are invited to share their views.

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