Corporate Plans and Reports

Council's Vision

The Alpine Shire provides outstanding opportunities for its residents and visitors through sustainable growth in balance with the natural environment.

2030 Community Vision

Council is committed to planning for and delivering key priorities for the Alpine Shire community. To achieve this, the Alpine Shire 2030 Community Vision was developed in 2005, and reviewed in 2010. The 2030 Community Vision outlines how the community would like to see the Alpine Shire in the year 2030. While it is an aspirational document, the key directions in it feed down into the Council Plan, which is Council’s means of delivering the vision.

Alpine Shire 2030 Community Vision

Council Plan

The Council Plan is a strategic document detailing Council’s direction and desired outcomes for the four financial years following each Council election.  The Council Plan also contains a Strategic Resource Plan, which identifies the resources, financial and human, required to deliver the Council Plan, as well as the Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan.  The Council Plan and the incorporated Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan are reviewed annually to ensure they remain relevant for the remainder of the term of the Council Plan.  

The Council Plan is supported by the annual budget, which provides the detail and annual activities that contribute to achieving the objectives contained within the plan.  The Annual Report provides an ‘end of year’ report on progress against the Council Plan.

Council Plan 2017-2021 incorporating the Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan (review 2020)

The Strategic Resource Plan 2020-2023 can be found on page 26 of the Council Plan, accessible in the link above.

Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan

The Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan is incorporated into the current Council Plan, accessible in the link above.


Alpine Shire Council's Budget is aligned with the vision in the Council Plan 2017-2021. It seeks to deliver projects and services that support and build community wellbeing, and that boost the local economy.

Alpine Shire Council Budget 2020/21

Alpine Shire Council Budget 2019/20

Annual Report

Council's Annual Report provides a report on its operations for the year, including a report against the achievement of the Council Plan.  It also contains audited financial statements, and the performance statement.  The Annual Report is released in October each year.

Alpine Shire Council Annual Report 2019/20

Alpine Shire Council Annual Report 2018/19

Alpine Shire Council Annual Report 2017/18

Alpine Shire Council Annual Report 2016/17

Alpine Shire Council Annual Report 2015/16

Alpine Shire Council Annual Report 2014/15

Community Satisfaction Survey

Council participates in the annual Community Satisfaction Survey, coordinated by Local Government Victoria.  The survey interviews 400 residents within the municipality, collecting feedback on overall performance, community consultation and engagement, advocacy (lobbying on behalf of the community), customer service, and overall direction.  Results are compared against performance in previous years, between similar size councils, and state-wide results.

Alpine Shire Council - 2019 Community Satisfaction Survey results

Local Government Victoria also releases a State-wide report, demonstrating results across all participating councils.

Know Your Council

Every Victorian council reports on the measures within the Local Government Performance Reporting Framework (LGPRF) - individual results are reported in the annual report, and the Know Your Council website presents individual council results and enables comparison between councils.

The following information is reported in the LGPRF:

  • Service Performance indicators: Aquatic Facilities; Animal Management; Food Safety; Governance; Libraries; Maternal and Child Health; Sealed Local Roads; Statutory Planning; and Waste
  • Sustainable Capacity indicators
  • Financial Performance indicators
  • Governance and Management checklist

The Know Your Council website also provides a profile about each council in Victoria, along with other useful information about the role of local government.

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