Waste Wise Events

The Alpine Shire is home to a significant number of diverse events all year round.

Each event contributes to the vibrancy of our townships and public places and provides something for everyone to enjoy.

Council recognises these events generate waste – waste that could be avoided, reduced, reused, recycled correctly or composted. As part of the commitment to decreasing the impact of this waste on the local community and environment, a Waste Wise Guide for Events has been produced.  The Guide outlines waste management requirements for events receiving Council sponsorship and for those being held on Council owned or managed land and facilities.

The Waste Management requirements include:

  • Completing a waste plan as part of the event permit application
  • Avoiding single use plastic and products
  • Recycling right
  • Maintaining a litter free event

The Guide is a first step in a process to realise a goal of ‘zero waste’ to landfill from events. Council will work alongside event organisers, community groups and other stakeholders to build capacity and provide resources and infrastructure to minimise waste generated at events and increase the use and recovery of sustainable materials.

View the Guide to learn more about the waste management requirements for events in the Alpine Shire and to find out about tips and strategies for holding a waste wise event.

Email Council's events team for more information

How can Council help?

Alpine Shire Council has a number of resources available for use by events to help achieve a Waste Wise Event. Contact Council's Events Team at events@alpineshire.vic.gov.au for more information and to check availability.

Dish Pig


This innovative project has made its way into the Alpine Shire to help reduce single-use waste at events as we move towards a more circular economy.

The Dish Pig is a converted horse float equipped with a commercial dishwasher and a range of mugs, plates, bowls, and cutlery.

The mobile service and wash station will enable locals and event organisers to enjoy their coffee or food while reducing single-use plastic waste.

Portable drinking fountain and water bottle refill stations

Water refill units.jpg

Events must cater for the health and comfort of patrons. All venues (indoor and out) have a responsibility to make drinking water accessible and freely available to patrons. Drinking water is essential for sporting events, dance and music events and any events held in summer to prevent heat exhaustion and dehydration. Events serving alcohol are required to provide free drinking water as a condition of their liquor license.

To reduce waste via plastic water bottles or disposable cups, event organisers are to encourage patrons to BYO reusable water bottles or cups, and utilise drinking fountains where possible.  

Council has a combination of drinking fountain and bottle refill stations available for use by local events.

The self-standing units simply attach to a tap and come complete with all hoses and connections required to operate.

North East Water and the Myrtleford and District Landcare and Sustainability Group also have portable water stations available for hire locally.

Waste and recycling bins and signage

Event bins.JPG

It is the responsibility of the event organiser to ensure waste is managed appropriately at their event.

Council has a fleet of event bins available for hire. Both 140L and 240L wheelie bins are available. Bins are supplied in pairs (1 pair = 1 waste + 1 recycling bin). Relevant signage is included on the bins to ensure event-goers dispose of their waste in the correct bin. 

Various options are available for the hire and servicing of the event bins. Contact Council's Events Team for more information and associated costs. 

Local Groups

Upper Ovens Sustainability Group: The group have developed a toolkit to help organisers plan and consider waste reduction and waste avoidance. Linked to the toolkit is a resource library of reusable items (i.e. mugs, cutlery, plates, cups) available for loan by other event organisers to help avoid the use of single use items. Visit sustainableupperovens.org.au or contact info@sustainableupperovens.org.au.

Myrtleford and District Landcare and Sustainability Group: The group has a water refill station available for hire. For more information contact Steve (at the Myrtleford Cycle Centre) on (03) 5721 1511, Clare on 0439 488 378 or Glenda on 0477 650 403.

If you are a local Alpine Shire community group and provide resources to assist event organisers to plan and deliver events that avoid and reduce waste please contact our events team.

Some useful links

More resources coming soon, including understanding the different labels – compostable, biodegradable, recyclables; and more information about alternatives to single use plastics and products.

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