Waste and Recycling

The Alpine Shire Council provides waste management services throughout the Shire. The services include:

  • Kerbside waste and recycle bin service
  • Transfer Stations and Resource Recovery Facilities
  • Public Place waste and recycle bins including Cigarette Butt bins and Dog Tidy Units.
  • Drop off points for Household batteries, printer cartridges and mobile phones

Kerbside Waste and Recycle Services 

Council's kerbside waste collection service is provided under contract by Cleanaway Pty Ltd. They operate two trucks: one for waste and one for recycling. The waste bin (red lid) is collected weekly, or fortnightly in certain rural areas. The recycle bin (yellow lid)  is collected fortnightly. There is also a weekly recycle bin option available to businesses in certain locations. Bins need to be presented the night prior to collection day or by 6am on collection day. Remember to put the correct material in each bin for optimal resource recovery and minimal waste to landfill.

Waste bin 

Residents can choose between a 80-litre mobile bin or a 240-litre mobile bin. You can have more than one bin for an extra fee. About 95% of residents use the 80 litre service.

Recycle bin

Residents can choose between a 140-litre, 240-litre or a 360-litre mobile bin. You can have more than one bin for an extra fee.

Transfer Station and Resource Recovery Facilities

Waste disposal and recycling are not limited to our kerbside waste and recycling bins. Many household items can be reused or recycled, to conserve natural resources and reduce landfill and greenhouse gas emissions and conserve natural resources. .

Public Waste and Recycle Bins 

Council provides bins for waste and recycling to residents and vistors in public areas, such as retail hubs and rural picnic areas. The bins are not provided for residents to use for their household rubbish. Each bin is emptied regularly, based on its location and time of year.

Cigarette Butts

Most of the newer style bins have a component specifically for cigarette butts, and there are several cigarette butt bins in the Shire.

Dog Tidy Units

Council provides Dog Tidy Units at several dog walking areas. These units provide dog walkers with dog waste bags and a place to leave full bags.

Household batteries, mobile phones and printer cartridges

These can be recycled at the following locations:

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