Significant Landscape and Tree Protection

What is a Significant Landscape Overlay?

A significanct landscape overlay provides a statement of the nature and key elements of the landscape and landscape character objectives, as well as conservation or enhancement of these landscapes where applicable. The Significant Landscape overlay then would require a permit to construct a building, or construct or carry out works, fencing, removal, destruction, and lopping of vegetation

What is a Heritage Overlay?

Council is responsible for local significant heritage places, with State Government and Heritage Victoria responsible for protecting sites of state level significance. Places with heritage significance can be protected by a Heritage Overlay, which is part of the local planning scheme.

Most local places would be identified by a Heritage Study. All existing places of heritage significance are nominated and set out in Clause 43.01 of the scheme.

Why is this work being completed?

The Draft Neighbourhood Character Assessment and Design Guidelines completed by Mesh Planning in coordination with the Planning Scheme Review have identified the significance of a number of avenue trees. Many of these trees are not protected by an Landscpae or Heritage Overlay which means their value is not fully recognised under the scheme.

What will this work do?

This work will highlight the significance of a number of tree avenues across Bright. This work will identify if there is landscape or heritage significance

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