Saving native wildlife with responsible cat ownership

10 December 2020

Responsible cat ownership allows you to enjoy the presence of native birds and animals in your surroundings in the company of your beloved pet.​

​​The Alpine Shire is lucky to have an array of native wildlife species including birds, reptiles and small mammals, some of which are vulnerable and under threat.​

​​Alpine Shire Council Director Corporate Nathalie Cooke said cats are skilled, instinctual hunters and often pose a threat to the survival of many species if left to roam free.​

​​“If your cat has injured a native animal, please take the injured animal to a local veterinary clinic or contact a registered wildlife carer,” she said.​

​​Below are a few tips on how to keep our native wildlife safe and your cat happy:​

​​> Keep your cat indoors overnight, and at dawn and dusk.

​​> Build an outdoor cat enclosure so they can enjoy the day time safely.

​​> Install cat-proof fencing.

​​> If you can no longer look after your pet, do not release your pet into the bush. Take time to find them a happy new home, or take them to the RSPCA.​

​​Free brochures on how to build cat-proof fencing and cat enclosures are available from our Council office or by contacting the Local Laws team on 5755 0555.

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