Illegal parking in Council’s sights

In response to community and business feedback, Alpine Shire Council is ramping up its enforcement of parking restrictions.

28 October 2021

The community will see a visible presence of Local Laws officers enforcing parking restrictions in Bright at first.

Alpine Shire Mayor John Forsyth said over the next four weeks, Local Laws officers will be carrying out a trial in Bright, where warnings will be issued in the first instance.

“We have been approached by local community members and business owners who witness drivers ignoring parking restrictions and want firmer enforcement,” he said.

“In order for local businesses to grow, community members and visitors need to comply with parking time limits, creating parking turnover and allowing others an opportunity to visit businesses in the area.

“There are also safety issues with drivers double-parking or parking too close to intersections, and the inconvenience of people parking in places where they shouldn’t, such as disabled parking spaces or loading zones.”

Warnings will be issued in the first instance. Anyone with a second and subsequent warning will receive an infringement. Infringements generally start at $182 as set by the Victorian Government.

Council has always enforced illegal parking in commercial and disabled parking areas - drivers doing the wrong thing in these parking zones will not receive a warning in the first instance.

Cr Forsyth said all drivers and businesses benefited when people use parking spaces fairly and legally.

“As long as people are doing the right thing, they won’t receive an infringement,” he said.

“This isn’t about increasing revenue, but about encouraging traffic movement to ensure fairness in parking turnover.

“Without a turnover of parking bays it becomes very difficult to encourage customers to stop and shop, which has a negative impact on local businesses.

“When parking, ensure you check the time frames of your parking space and don’t park where you shouldn’t - like loading bays or disabled parking spots if you don’t have a permit.”

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