Help tackle Alpine housing shortage

Property owners in the Alpine Shire are being called on to help address the lack of available local housing for key workers.

28 October 2021

Like many regional areas, a high number of short term holiday rentals across the Alpine Shire, coupled with increased demand to live in the region, are causing a critical shortage in housing availability in local communities.

Communities are being impacted by this shortage, particularly for key workers in the hospitality, tourism, health and education sectors.

Alpine Shire Mayor John Forsyth urged local property owners to play a part in solving the problem. 

“Holiday accommodation is essential to our local economy, but we’ve reached an imbalance where the prevalence of holiday accommodation is causing strain on our community and businesses,” he said.

“If you own a property that could be used as a long-term rental, we urge you to consider placing it on the long-term rental market.  

“You might have a studio or unit on your property , or a vacant house or you may operate a short-term rental that would make a good family home.

“The income difference between short and long-term rental might not be as big as you think.”

Key workers are essential to the continued health of the local economy, and to the way of life communities know and love.

The flow-on effect of the current housing shortage is impacting not only hospitality and accommodation businesses and their ability to meet visitor demand, but also schools, childcare centres, health and key service providers.

Cr Forsyth said Council is working on a longer-term work program to provide housing solutions in the medium to longterm, but the community has an immediate need ahead of the upcoming summer visitor season.

“Every property that is made available now for long-term rental helps individuals and families continue to live, work, and contribute to our community and the local economy,” he said.

“We encourage property owners to approach us to discuss placing your property into the long-term rental market to create a housing opportunity for someone in the community who can’t access housing now.

“You will not only receive a regular income, but you will help to build a more inclusive community for us all to live in.”

For more information and to register your interest visit, call 5755 0555 or email

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