Council working to keep Mystic Park open

Council will work with Alpine Community Plantation and the community to investigate every option for keeping Bright’s iconic Mystic Mountain Bike Park open.

25 July 2022

The park is operated by not-for-profit Alpine Community Plantation (ACP) and has become a mainstay in the region’s mountain biking attractions.

The ACP board includes representatives from Alpine Shire Council, Hancock Victoria Plantation (HVP), Alpine Cycling Club, Bright Chamber of Commerce and North East Victoria Hang Gliding Club. 

Alpine Shire Mayor Sarah Nicholas said a recent statement from ACP indicated that the park is at risk of closing due to a range of factors.

“Mystic Park has grown further and faster than ACP’s original remit, and its popularity continues to increase with riders from across the country,” she said.

“It’s a wonderful facility that has become a must-ride for locals and visitors alike and has attracted visitors, residents and businesses since its inception.  

“Unfortunately the park’s popularity means that a new approach is needed to ensure its viability and safety.

“We understand the challenges that ACP is facing in operating the park - an increase in use over the years has also meant an increase in management and maintenance costs, and growing requirements for risk management.”

Cr Nicholas said Council is working collaboratively with ACP to find a solution for the challenges so that  the park can operate as the vibrant and exciting asset that it is.

“We don’t want to see Mystic Park permanently closed,” she said.

“We’re confident there is a way to address these challenges in the short term, and a longer-term approach that will meet the needs of our community, visitors, HVP and ACP.

“We are working with ACP to address current risks and investigate a more sustainable model of management.

“We will provide a staffing resource to work with key stakeholders to investigate a viable way forward and work through these challenges.

“Mystic Park is of great value to the Alpine Shire and we want to see its management mature so the park remains as part of our attraction well into the future.”

Community members wishing to learn more, or to contribute their ideas, are encouraged to contact ACP at

Anyone wishing to learn more about Council’s role or actions can contact Council at

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