Council requesting Bright speed limit reduction

Alpine Shire Council is preparing a request to the Department of Transport (DoT) to extend the 60km/h section along the Great Alpine Road at the western entrance to Bright. 

10 May 2023

Mayor John Forsyth said Council's request for the speed limit change reflects the community's sentiment to minimise any potential impact to the Gateway trees by an intersection leading into the Bright Valley development. 

"Currently, two of the three proposed intersections for the entrance to the development falls within the 80km/h zone," Cr Forsyth said. 

"If the request to extend the 60km/h zone is supported by the Department of Transport, it will mean that the intersections under design will be for 60km/h speed zones, rather than 80km/h zones.  

"As you would expect, standard treatments for 60km/h zones are smaller in area than their 80km/h equivalents. 

"This reduction in area may help minimise the impact on the trees." 

A speed limit reduction would also improve cyclist and pedestrian safety along this section of the Great Alpine Road, with the Gateway trees a popular place for visitors to stop and take photos. 

Cr Forsyth said while Council is requesting the speed limit change, there are guidelines for speed zones that will inform the DoT's response to this request. 

"Making a request doesn't guarantee the speed limit change will definitely happen," he said. 

"Arterial network decisions are complex, and standardised treatments and consistency across speed zone implementations are important in providing a consistent and safe driving environment." 

If the DoT is supportive of a speed limit change, the decision as to how far to extend the 60km/h zone will be made by the Department. 

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