Council to consider Bright Valley application

Alpine Shire Council will consider the planning application for Stages 1 and 2 of a multi lot subdivision in Bright, known as the Bright Valley Development, at the Ordinary Council Meeting next Tuesday, 28 November. 

23 November 2023

The application proposes the subdivision of land into 78 lots, as well as creation of access to a road, road works within the Land Subject to Inundation Overlay and removal of native vegetation. 

Council's Director Customer and Community, Helen Havercroft, said the subdivision will be staged, with Stage 1 containing 50 lots and Stage 2 containing 28 lots.  

"A varied lot mix is proposed, with lots sizes ranging from 200sqm to over 700sqm," she said.  

"The proposal also includes the provision of 1.43 hectares of public open space to be provided as a linear corridor through the development."  

The recommendation to Council is to approve the application, subject to over 100 conditions included in the report. 

"This permit application follows the approval of the Development Plan in July 2022." she said. 

Ms Havercroft said Council is aware of the high level of community interest in the development, especially surrounding the impact on the trees along the Great Alpine Road, bushfire risk and soil contamination. 

Ms Havercroft said there is an impact on the Gateway trees in the proposed application, however the exact extent would not be known until further along in the process. 

"While it would be ideal to have an exact understanding of the tree impact prior to issuing a permit, the level of detail required to determine this exceeds the level of information generally required to support a permit application," she said.  

"This is due to the true impact likely not being known until detailed design of the intersection is undertaken and when works on site commence which will determine where the existing root systems are located.  

"Nevertheless, the proposed permit conditions clearly stipulate that a maximum of two mature trees may be removed and should the detailed intersection design require more to be removed, the applicant will need to amend their planning permit, which will provide Council with the opportunity to further consider the proposal. 

"The requirements for a Tree Management Plan and ongoing health checks will assist in ensuring trees that may have their root system impacted are appropriately managed." 

Ms Havercroft said other issues of concern for the community, including bushfire risk and soil contamination, had also been addressed in the proposed permit conditions. 

"In relation to bushfires, the peer review and CFA response clearly recognises the potential bushfire risk for the development of the land," she said. 

"The mitigation measures proposed by CFA in its permit conditions are considered an acceptable and reasonable response that has had due consideration to minimising the loss of human life consistent with the requirement of the Alpine Planning Scheme. 

"As per the proposed condition on the permit, the additional contamination work to be undertaken prior to any works commencing on site will ensure that any potential contamination risk is addressed, and the land is suitable for a sensitive use. 

"Overall, the proposal provides for a site responsive development outcome that will assist in meeting the housing needs for Bright in the future. 

"It is therefore recommended that a planning permit is issued subject to conditions on permit." 

At the November meeting, Council will also vote to receive and note the views expressed by the community to Council regarding the proposed development. 

The full recommendations and reports will be available on Council's website as of 4pm today at

Community members are welcome to submit questions on notice in writing to by 5pm on Monday, 27 November 2023, or ask questions from the floor during question time at the meeting.  

Please note, each person is allocated two questions in total – in writing or from the floor.  

Questions from the floor must relate to a matter on the agenda.

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