Challenge for Myrtleford Memorial Hall renewal

Alpine Shire Council is currently seeking solutions to a number of challenges in the upgrade of the Myrtleford Memorial Hall.

07 February 2023
Project update

The Memorial Hall Renewal Project aims to reactivate the iconic hall, which has sat dormant for over 10 years.

The works are progressing in stages to accommodate the Myrtleford Visitor Information Centre and modernise the auditorium for the creative arts and broader community.

Manager Engineering and Assets Sarah Buckley said the unprecedented rain late last year had exacerbated and highlighted problems with the hall’s existing underground storm water system.

“These issues became evident when wet patches started coming through the new floorboards, and we now have mould growing on the internal walls,” she said.

“We are dedicated to finding solutions to this challenge and will keep the community updated as the project progresses.”

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