Call for community help in trail naming

The newly-completed extension to the shared trail along the West Kiewa River in Mount Beauty needs a formal name, and Council is calling for community feedback.

11 January 2021
Mount Beauty

Council is seeking to establish local community preference between three options to help guide the ultimate naming of the popular trail, currently known informally as the Pebble Beach Trail, which reflects the previous end point at Pebble Beach. 

Director Assets Will Jeremy said the community has secured funding to install permanent signage along the trail.

“In order to finalise this signage, the trail is in need of a formal name,” he said.

“We’re calling on the Kiewa Valley community to let us know their preference between three possible names - Kiewa River Trail, Pebble Beach Trail and Corner Pool Trail.

“The Upper Kiewa Valley Community Association has done a great job of establishing some options and seeking feedback from their members and the broader community.

“Building on that engagement, we’re keen to hear from as many local residents as possible before a name is finalised.”

The trail starts from Embankment Drive, with the current end point now 900m beyond Pebble Beach, with aspirations for the trail to be connected along the East Kiewa River back to Damms Road in the future.

The significance of Pebble Beach (formerly Corner Pool) will be recognised in an art installation at the site.

Because the path now extends past Pebble Beach, the Upper Kiewa Valley Community Association has suggested naming the trail Kiewa River Trail to reflect the path in its entirety.

The project was funded through the State Government's Pick My Project program and was delivered by Council last year on behalf of the community and the Upper Kiewa Valley Community Association, which successfully applied for thegrant.

To have your say on the trail name, please complete a short survey at

Hard copy surveys are available at the Mount Beauty Library.

The survey closes at 9am on Monday, 25 January.

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