Alpine Weather Conditions Advice

07 August 2019

Snow is expected from 1500m down to 800m on Thursday, accompanied by winds of up to 100-120km on Thursday night. Snow is expected down to 500m Friday until Saturday.

With snow down to 500mm and high winds, it may be a slower than expected trip on the Great Alpine Road (GAR) between Harrietville and Mount Hotham.

The Dinner Plain Sled Dog Challenge is being held at Dinner Plain over the weekend (August 10 – 11), so there will be an increase in visitors and their dogs.

Anyone travelling with heavy vehicles or towing to the village for the weekend is urged to change their route to access the village via Omeo, or prepare for the possibility of delays and/or limited access via the Great Alpine Road.

Be prepared:

  • Be aware that there may be long delays in accessing or leaving the mountain, and be aware of, and prepared to use an alternative route if necessary
  • Pack snacks, water and entertainment in preparation for delays in accessing or leaving the mountain – you may need to wait in your car for extended periods
  • If your car is fuelled by diesel, fill at least half of your tank with Alpine Diesel to prevent fuel freezing. There is no fuel in Harrietville. Alpine Diesel is available in Myrtleford, Bright and Omeo.
  • Stay up to date with local weather and road conditions via the Mt Hotham website at

Be aware:

  • Winds are expected to reach 100-120km on Thursday night, dropping off to around 80-90km on Saturday
  • Expect snowfall of 20-30mm Thursday, 15-20mm Friday and 10mm Saturday
  • With snow down to 500mm and high winds, there is a chance that Great Alpine Road (GAR) may be a slower than usual trip

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