Alpine takes action to help make e-waste recovery easier

Council is reminding residents that a ban on e-waste in any bin or landfill site came into effect on July 1.

24 July 2019

Ahead of this ban it announced an investment of $15 million to help councils across the state improve their e-waste facilities.

Council has received $300,000 in funding to upgrade e-waste collection points at its transfer stations in Porepunkah, Myrtleford and Mount Beauty to ensure anything with a plug, batteries or a cord can easily be recovered locally.

This includes things like irons, toasters and DVD players.

Alpine Shire Mayor Ron Janas said e-waste items contain valuable materials that can be safely recovered and put back into the system for re-use.

“E-waste should never be put into any kerbside wheelie bin,” he said.

“The upgrades to our e-waste collection points, combined with increased drop off points for appliance batteries will provide residents with improved options for the disposal of e-waste.

“Sustainability Victoria is leading the way in building a network of e-waste drop-off points so that all Victorians can take their e-waste to a better destination. We are delighted to participate and help make a difference.”

Residents can take their used household batteries to any of the three libraries located in Myrtleford, Bright and Mount Beauty or to Council’s Office in Bright.

Currently, over 1 million mobile phones and 16 million TVs are discarded in Australia every year. It is estimated that just for televisions and computers, the amount of e-waste generated in Australia will grow from around 138,000 tonnes in 2012-13 to 223,000 tonnes in 2023-24, an increase of more than 60 percent.

Learn more about e-waste online or contact Council on 5755 0555.

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