Livestock on Roads

Livestock on roads represent a significant danger to motorists. Any stray or wandering stock should be immediately reported to the relevant road authority:

VicRoads: Phone 131171

VicRoads is responsible for livestock on all highways and main roads (outside of township boundaries). This includes the Great Alpine Road, Kiewa Valley Highway, Tawonga Gap Road and Happy Valley Road.

Alpine Shire Council – responsible for all other roads in the Shire.

Please ensure you can provide accurate directions to the location of the livestock.

Livestock Trespassing

If livestock are trespassing on your property, or you are aware of livestock that are not confined to the correct property, call Council to speak to the Local Laws team for advice on how to manage the situation.

Under the Impounding of Livestock Act 1994, an authorised person may impound livestock found trespassing. An authorised person includes an authorised officer of Council, VicRoads or other relevant Government body or an owner or occupier of any land if the livestock are trespassing on that land or on a road adjoining that land.

If you impound livestock, there are a number of requirements that you must meet under the Impoundment of Livestock Act 1994, such as providing adequate food, water, veterinary care, shelter and clean conditions. Livestock must also be kept separately from other livestock to prevent any potential transmission of disease or other biosecurity hazard. 

Fencing of Land

The owner or occupier of land must ensure that the fending on the land is adequate to prevent the escape of livestock onto Council land or neighbouring properties. Council can require owners and occupiers to repair or improve fencing to ensure that livestock can’t escape.

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