Amenity, Public Health and Safety

The Community Local Law regulates a wide range of amenity, public health and safety matters. 

These include:

  • Condition of land.
    • Owners and occupiers of land must not allow their land to be kept in a manner that is unsightly, kept in a manner that is dangerous, or a haven for vermin or weeds.
  • In addition, during the declared fire danger period, additional requirements on vegetation and flammable material may apply.
  • Fires in the open air or an incinerator. The following restrictions apply to fires in residential areas:
    • Must only be lit between 10am-3pm
    • Only dry tree limbs and prunings can be burnt
    • No leaves, lawn clippings or nut casings / burrs etc can be burnt
    • Barbeques or other fires used for heating, cooking or similar purposes are allowed
    • No fires can be lit if the day has been declared as a total fire ban
    • Fires must not be used to burn paper, cardboard or other recyclable material, or offensive materials
    • Other restrictions as detailed in Clause 3.2 of the Community Local Law
  • Recreational vehicles (includes any vehicle designed primarily for sport or recreation that is powered by a motor or motors) are not to be used in on Council land or in a residential area.
  • Snowmobiles can be driven on roads if they are appropriately registered and used in accordance with any VicRoads requirements. For use on Council land outside the road reserve, a permit is required.
  • Camping is prohibited on Council land. There are a number of designated camping areas within the Shire If you are planning to camp on private land for more than 28 days within a 12 month period, you need to check whether a planning permit (link to planning part of website) is required. Camping in exchange for money is not permitted on private land, unless the relevant planning and other registration requirements (link to EH – caravan parks) have been met.
  • Keeping animals. The maximum number of animals that can be kept in residential areas without a permit are shown in the following table (insert table from 3.6.1 of Local Law)
  • Scareguns must only be used in compliance with Council's Scaregun Policy.

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