Register your Business

You should register your business with Council to comply with public health requirements when:

  • You sell, prepare or handle food
  • Provide accommodation
  • Provide service as a hairdresser, beauty parlour, and when you pierce or tattoo
  • Operate a caravan park

Cost of Registration

You pay a fee to register your business. You can find the cost of registration in the fees document.

Selling or Handling Food

Food businesses in class 1-3 need to register with Council. Food businesses in class 4 need to notify Council.

Class 1: Handles, processes or serves ready to eat potentially hazardous food to groups, most vulnerable to food related illness (including hospital patients, nursing home residents or children in long day care)

Class 2: Supplies potentially hazardous unpackaged foods which need correct temperature control throughout the food handling process, including cooking and storage, to keep food safe (such as restaurants or take away foods)

Class 3: Supplies or handles unpackaged low risk foods or pre-packaged potentially hazardous foods which simply need refrigeration to keep them safe (such as milk bars or bread baking) and some community events

Class 4: Food businesses that are low risk to public health are must notify us that they are operating. Retailers, community groups and warehouses selling low risk packed and prepacked foods (such sausages cooked and served immediately, cooked cakes, jams and honey).

Providing Accommodation

Hairdresser, Beauty Parlour, and when you Pierce or Tattoo

Caravan Park

You renew your registration every year, before December 31.

Domestic Animal Business

When you open a kennel or other domestic animal business, you need to register with council.

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