Bushfire Recovery

Supporting communities and businesses to recover from the Black Summer Bushfires 2019-20.

The Black Summer Bushfires 2019-20 had vast impacts on the Alpine Shire. An Alpine Municipal Recovery Committee (MRC) was established in January 2020 to aid recovery in the Alpine Shire and Resorts. The MRC developed a Municipal Recovery Plan (MRP) 2020-22, led by Alpine Shire Council with input from government departments, local and regional health services, and representation from the Alpine Community Recovery Committee (CRC)

In 2022, the MRC developed a summary of its achievements and the major initiatives that came out of the MRP 2020-22, as well as detailing ongoing goals and where future accountabilities will lie moving forward.

Below is an infographic of this summary. Access a larger version of the infographic here.

Access the MRP 2020-22 here.

Alpine Community Recovery Newsletter

Council produces a regular recovery newsletter:

Alpine Community Recovery Committee

The Alpine Community Recovery Committee (CRC) represents bushfire-affected communities across Alpine Shire, ensuring that local know-how and expertise are front and centre in longer term recovery planning.

Coordinated by Alpine Shire Council and Bushfire Recovery Victoria (BRV), the Alpine CRC is an essential link between communities, Council and other support organisations to assist with recovery and planning into the future.

CRC representatives are vital in providing a conduit for community voices to be heard in recovery planning.

Learn more about the CRC on their dedicated page.

Mental Health Support After Emergency

A new Bushfire Counselling Line has been set up for affected areas in the North East. The line will be manned by experienced clinicians Monday - Friday from 9am to 6pm. These clinicians will provide direct advice, consultation and referral as required to local services.

Where to go and who can help?
Please call the Bushfire Counselling Phone Line on 1300 514 811 between 9am - 6pm Mon - Fri to access free counselling services and advice on options.

For urgent assistance, speak to your GP, local health professional or call Lifeline on 13 11 14
For Mental Health Crisis: 1300 881 104

For online or phone and app support

  • headtohealth.gov.au
  • smilingminds.com.au
  • moodgym.com.au
  • mindspot.org.au

Disaster Legal Help Victoria

Call Disaster Legal Help Victoria on 1800 113 432 for free information about your legal issues and options for ongoing assistance. The Get help section contains legal information covering the most common areas of legal concern to those affected by disasters.

Legal problems can surface quickly during and after a bushfire. Disaster Legal Help is available to help Victorians affected by the recent bushfire with issues including:

  • Dealing with insurance claims
  • Replacing lost or destroyed documents, including wills and titles
  • Tenancy issues, such as disputes with landlords and outstanding rent
  • Debt and other financial problems resulting from loss of employment and the cost of dealing with the aftermath of a disaster.

Fact Sheets

There are a number of fact sheets which may help you. They are available in various languages.

For help with English, call the Translating and Interpreting Service on free call 131 450.

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