Changes to Council waste charges

We have changed the way we charge for waste services across the Shire.  

What is the change? 

The general waste charge you incur will recover costs associated with public place bins, kerbside bin infrastructure, transfer station operating costs, landfill capping works and waste education.   

Why change? 

With the introduction of new waste contracts, Council will be introducing a full cost recovery model for kerbside bin collection, alongside a general waste charge.  

This new model, which is a clear and transparent way of charging for waste collection, is in line with the majority of Victorian councils and is considered best practice.  

What happened before? 

In previous years, some of the costs associated with waste services, such as public place waste and transfer station operations, were included in Council's kerbside bin services charge and paid for by those receiving a kerbside bin collection.  

Why are you telling me now? 

The general waste charge is charged to all properties in the Alpine Shire, even if the property does not have access to the kerbside bin service. This is because all ratepayers benefit from public waste collection, operation of transfer stations and waste education services.    

This change will mean every resident will see an increase in the general waste charge on their 2023/24 rates notice of $179.  

For more further information, please contact our Customer Service team on 03 5755 0555.  


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