Roads and Infrastructure FAQ

Find answers for a range of frequently asked questions related to Roads and Infrastructure.

  • Can I name a road?

    You can suggest to name a road.

    Not all road names are suitable. Road names are critical in directing emergency services and are necessary for mail delivery and other services. Road names are also an important part of Alpine Shire’s historic and cultural heritage.

  • How do I connect to stormwater discharge?

    Stormwater coming off your property needs to connect to the Council drainage network, when such a network exists. You have to make the connection where Council tells you to, when you make a legal point of discharge enquiry.

  • How do I pay or appeal a parking fine?

    You can receive a parking fine (infringement notice) in person, on your car or by mail. You can pay the fine at Council’s Bright Office or at Council's Customer Services Centres at Myrtleford and Mount Beauty libraries.

    If you don’t pay, the following process takes place. You can pay, object to the fine, or request for more time at each step:

    1. You receive a reminder after 28 days to pay the fine plus additional costs.
    2. You receive an Enforcement Order after another 28 days. This is a court order.
    3. You receive a Sheriff's Warrant after another 28 days. You then have 7 days to pay the fine, plus additional costs. If you do not pay within 7 days, your property may be seized and sold, or you can be imprisoned.

    Appealing a Parking Fine

    You can disagree with the parking fine if:

    • You have a good reason why Council should withdraw the fine.
    • You can let your fine go to court, and attend a hearing. If you decide to fight the fine before a magistrate, please let Council know. You do not have to pay the fine if you win. If you lose, you pay the fine and additional costs for Council and Court.
    • Let Council know if someone else was using the vehicle at the time. Please ask for an Owner Statement from Council.

    Appeal a parking fine

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