Local Laws - Portable Advertising, Footpath Trading & Footpath Dining

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Please note the following before commencing an application:


  • Council may decide to issue a permit for portable advertising, footpath trading and footpath dining on Council land.
  • Council’s objectives are to promote a high standard of amenity, activation and vibrancy in our town centres, and provide for comfortable and safe pedestrian access.
  • Our streets and towns are all different and it is difficult to anticipate all circumstances that may arise in permit applications. Council retains absolute discretion to modify or amend the requirements in this policy on a case by case basis to achieve a high standard of access and amenity for the community.

General application requirements and guidelines:

The requirements for providing a high standard of access are detailed below:

  • Minimum 1.8m width needs to be provided to allow for safe passing of wheelchairs, prams, mobility scooters. This may be reduced to 1.5m width for short distances of up to 2.5m, and may need to be greater than 1.8m in high pedestrian traffic areas in town centres.
  • Access and circulation is required between building edges and the roadway, and along the kerb line
  • A maximum of one portable advertising sign will be permitted per business.
  • If the footpath is less than 1.8m wide, the plan must demonstrate how the placement of goods, signage or outdoor dining does not further restrict the footpath below its existing width.

Standard minimum clear areas to be provided around footpath trading, footpath dining and portable advertising signs are shown in the following diagram:

Additional requirements to process a permit application:

In making a decision as to whether to issue a permit, Council requires the following:

  • A copy of public liability insurance to the value of $5 million
  • A dimensioned plan of the items proposed to be placed on the footpath/roadway with appropriate clear areas provided as per the guidance below
  • All items placed on a footpath must be adequately weighted down or secured appropriately against the wind
  • A-frame signs are to be a maximum of 1m2 per side, and 800mm wide, and 1.2m high
  • Banner or flag type signs are to be a maximum of 2.4m high and not be able to move over or obstruct any pathway
  • Umbrellas associated with footpath dining are to provide a minimum of 1.9m clear space underneath and must not protrude into pedestrian access or roadway areas.

Note that there are other considerations that will need to assessed that may impact what is ultimately approved by Council, for example:

  • Presence of street trees, utility poles, planter boxes or other street furniture
  • The need to maintain sight lines and visibility e.g. on street corners for the safety of pedestrians and vehicles
  • The unobstructed width of the footpath may need to be increased in high pedestrian traffic areas
  • Any kerb ramps will need to be kept clear
  • Any access restrictions in adjoining areas may impact on what can be approved
  • If there are disabled parking or other special access requirements
  • Adjacent business trading areas, landscaping, veranda posts or other relevant limitations


  • Community or not for profit agencies are subject to the same considerations, however Council may elect to waive the permit application fee.
  • Signage for community events may be displayed up to three weeks prior to an event, in a location to be determined by Council, and must be removed within three days following the conclusion of the event.

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