Mount Beauty Airport Upgrade

The Mount Beauty Airport Upgrade project will effectively future-proof access for emergency services, improving the safety of surrounding communities and boosting access by air to the Kiewa Valley.

Project Overview

These upgrades will support the essential firefighting efforts and allow for improved access for Air Ambulance Victoria fixed-wing aircraft.

An upgraded runway will improve access for Forest Fire Management and other fire-fighting services, providing greater flexibility for fire management services to manage local and regional emergencies.

What will this project achieve?

  • Improved access for Air Ambulance Victoria fixed-wing aircraft
  • Runway capacity for upgraded Air Ambulance Victoria fixed-wing aircraft and maintaining access for the Kiewa Valley community
  • Improved access for Forest Fire Management and other fire-fighting services, providing greater flexibility for fire management services to manage local and regional fires
  • A fantastic opportunity for a partnership approach involving multiple levels of government to deliver critical emergency services infrastructure to significantly increase the resilience of the region.

Council has secured a $1.55 million Regional Airports Program Grant towards the cost of this project.


Project Update 5 February 2021

A contract for the detailed design of the Mount Beauty Airport Upgrade has been awarded, bringing the project one step closer to taking flight.

The contractors are currently working through the challenges to overcome and satisfy conflicting design objectives for both the aviation and floodplain management requirements.

Early indications suggest that the concept design, which involves extending the runway by 600m into the Kiewa River (east branch) floodplain, will need to be modified to reduce the impact of flooding.

Our contractors are working closely with North East Catchment Management Authority to compile and analyse the flood impact assessment.

With the runway extension pushing into the east branch floodplain, the impact of the construction on future extreme flood events will be carefully considered.

Several options are being explored to reduce the earthwork required to construct the runway extension. 

Council has accepted approximately 2,000m3 of fill material to be stockpiled within the airport grounds which will be used throughout the construction of the runway extension.

The closure and transfer of the unused Government road currently bisecting the airport land is also underway.

Construction is expected to begin in the second half of 2021, with runway completion anticipated by the end of March 2022.

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