Land Development Strategy

Council is currently preparing a Land Development Strategy (LDS) for the Alpine Shire, and undertaking a review of the Alpine Planning Scheme.


The LDS aims to understand the future demand for residential, commercial, and industrial land, and will provide evidence for future rezoning and amendments to the Alpine Planning Scheme. Some rural land might also be affected, but the LDS is not intended to replace or supersede the existing Rural Land Use Strategy, adopted in 2015.


The project is broken into four stages:

1. Background data collection and analysis

  • Population, housing and employment trends
  • Environmental values/hazards
  • Landscape and urban character review
  • Infrastructure capacity
  • Transport and accessibility 
  • Key trends happening across the region/Victoria that might affect planning in the Alpine Shire

2. Supply and demand analysis for housing, commercial and industrial land 

3. Deliberative engagement about the background analysis, and emerging options 

4. Prepare draft Land Development Strategy for public exhibition

The project will run from March 2021 until late 2021.

How you can be involved

Share your views on the future of land development in the Alpine Shire by completing a short survey, contacting us on

What happens next

There are three key points where information will be shared for community feedback:

  • At the start of the project (March 2021), alongside community engagement for the Community Vision and Council Plan 
  • At the end of Stage 2, when data analysis is complete and the key directions of the Strategy are being considered 
  • During Stage 4, when the draft Strategy is ready for feedback prior to it being finalised and adopted by Council. 

The final Strategy will contain recommendations for planning policy amendments that will be implemented in the Alpine Planning Scheme. To come up with those recommendations, a wide range of information will be collected and analysed, including physical constraints to development such as bushfire and flood risk.

The LDS will contain a range of principles about how land and development will be managed in urban places across the Shire, thinking about community resilience and wellbeing. This work is needed so that current and future residents, workers, businesses and investors, understand what Council’s expectations and plans are for urban places across the Shire.

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