Alpine Events Strategy and Action Plan

Alpine Shire Council is developing the Alpine Events Strategy and Action Plan to provide direction for the management and delivery of events into the future.

Engagement update

Phase 1 and Phase 2 consultation is now complete. Phase 1 of the project involved consultation with our community and stakeholders to understand the key issues and values for events held across the Alpine Shire. Phase 2 consultation presented these ideas and key findings into a Discussion Paper. Phase 3 of the project is the presentation of the Draft Strategy which is now underway.

Timeline (updated)

Timeframes for the project have been extended for Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the project to allow for the best possible community engagement. Public comment will be sought on the Draft Report rather than the Discussion Paper.  

Late Oct to November 2020 

Phase 1: The first consultation phase is critical to understanding key issues and to ensure that key stakeholders and community needs and requirements are identified. This includes value setting and information gathering.

Mid to Late February 2021 (previously Mid to Late January) 

Phase 2: This second phase will involve a combination of remote (video-conference) and in-region consultation to present ideas and key findings from the Discussion Paper to key stakeholders. This will provide a further opportunity for input.

May to June 2021 (previously Mid to Late February)

Phase 3: This phase will involve remote consultation (video conference) to exhibit the draft report to community and key stakeholders. This will provide a final opportunity for input.

August 2021 (previously April)

Event Strategy and Action Plan to go before Alpine Shire Council meeting.

Contact Information

Renate Griese
Project Officer 03 5755 0555


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