Alpine Better Places Harrietville

The Alpine Better Places Harrietville project will deliver detailed concept plans for the township that illustrate, estimate and prioritise township improvement works.

Harrietville community - have your say!

The Alpine Better Places Harrietville Project aims to revitalise open spaces across the township.

The Concept Design process began in July 2020. 

Through the consultation process, the Harrietville Community identified and prioritised the following three key precincts for future works

  • Harrietville Walks Trail Head (near the Tronoh Dredge Hole)
  • Tavare / Pioneer Park Precinct
  • Harrietville Community Hall

Three rounds of community consultation have so far been carried out to inform the current design, inclusive of community meetings, plans displayed online and in hard copy at key locations in town, and online feedback sought.

In March 2022 Council secured further funding under the Black Summer Bushfire Recovery Fund (BSBR) for the detailed design and construction for the Harrietville Walks Trail Head.

We want to make sure the current designs meet the needs of the community before we begin delivery of the first phase, and seek to secure funding for future phases.

We strongly encourage everyone in the community to view the plans and complete a quick online survey to ensure their views are captured.

The number of surveys we receive will be compared to the total population figures of Harrietville.

We will assume that anyone who does not share their concerns is generally in support of the designs.

Hard copies of the survey will be distributed to all homes in Harrietville. Residents can complete the survey online OR complete the hard copy and drop it back to the Harrietville Post Office or Bright Council Office before the closing date.

Please read the information below, view the plans and complete the online survey HERE to ensure your voice is captured.

The survey will close on Sunday, 7 August 2022. All feedback will be collated and used to inform the final designs.

Please view the plans and concept design elements HERE carefully before you complete the survey. More information, as well as the individual plan for each precinct, is outlined below.

Harrietville Walks Trail Head (near Tronoh Dredge Hole)

Funding has been secured for this exciting phase of the project!

This area was selected by the community during early phases of community engagement to provide an enticing and logical entry to the walking and recreational opportunities around Harrietville. 

This carpark sits at the corner of Feathertop Track, which is the point at which the Bungalow and Bon Accord walking tracks can come together and be serviced by a single location. 

This area would function as a trail head for these walks as well as for tourists looking to access the shorter loops around the Tronoh Dredge Hole and East Ovens Tracks, and as such contains the facilities required for users embarking or returning from short or long walks. 

This area will improve the parking amenity and connections to both the town centre and surrounding attractions, without potentially overloading the already busy existing attractions, including the existing Tronoh Dredge Hole day use area. 

Tavare/Pioneer Park Precinct

The intent throughout this area is to provide a unique and memorable town entry with improved wayfinding to trails and attractions, and to provide consistent branding across the township. 

The project aims to improve the links and associated usage of Tavare and Pioneer Parks and other key locations with a better provision of shelters, seating and amenities for visitors. 

The parking area in Pioneer Park is designed to be the natural point where visitors will come for information, and for their first experience of Harrietville, our “Mountain Village”. 

The area provides information and historical markers in a central accessible location, and links across the Ovens River to Tavare Park, and via the path network to the other precincts.

Harrietville Community Hall

The Harrietville Community Hall and surrounding area is being rejuvenated to increase the prominence and visibility of the hall from the road. 

The additions of a modest gathering plaza space in front of the building allows patrons to congregate more informally in the space and encourage greater use and participation within the Harrietville community. 

The landscaping will better identify this area as a public space, and improved pedestrian linkages will improve accessibility and usage.

Council is working with the Harrietville community to prepare plans which illustrate, cost and prioritise:

  • Improved streetscapes, including wayfinding signage, paths, tracks and trails to better connect the town’s assets and facilities, integrated landscape treatments and improved parking options.
  • Improved open space reserves, including upgraded and additional facilities and amenities.

Complete the survey

February 2022 Update:

Plans to revamp the Trail Head Precinct near the Harrietville Dredge Hole have received Federal Government backing, bringing the exciting project a step closer to reality.

The Alpine Better Places Harrietville - Dredge Hole Precinct project recently received $1.09million from the Federal Government’s Black Summer Bushfire Recovery Grants Program.

The project will deliver new infrastructure at the popular precinct to create a vibrant and enhanced open space for community members and visitors alike.

The project design, developed through engagement with the community during the Alpine Better Places - Harrietville detailed design process, draw on the township’s gold mining and Chinese settlement heritage.

We’re very grateful for the Federal Government for their generous support of the projects funded through these important grants!

Development of the popular landmark will include a meeting plaza, amenities, landscaping, lighting, day shelter, picnic tables and directional trail signage.

The Dredge Hole Precinct works form part of the broader Alpine Better Places - Harrietville project.

December 2021 update:

The final concept designs for the Alpine Better Places Harrietville Project have been adopted by Council.

Thank you to everyone who has had their say on the draft plans and helped us shape a design that is unique to your township!

In response to the most recent round of community feedback, the plans have been adjusted slightly.

The log cart will be retained, some paths will be widened and additional parking and bike racks have been added to the Tavare and Pioneer parks precinct.

Council has prioritised delivery of key identified components within the overall project based on community feedback.

Tronoh Dredge Hole Carpark has been identified as the first priority, followed by Pioneer and Tavare parks and Harrietville Community Hall.

The final designs are a fantastic example of what can be achieved when Council and the community work together towards a common goal.

We have listened to the community every step of the way, and we’re proud to say the final designs reflect what makes Harrietville such a special place.

Council will now pursue funding opportunities to bring the plans to reality.

When funding is secured the project elements will move to the detailed design phase. 

In this phase all elements will be approved by technical specialists to ensure they meet safety and practical requirements.

October 2021 update:

The final concept plans for Alpine Better Places Harrietville are available for final community feedback prior to council endorsement. The 28 day community submission period will be from 14 October 2021 - 12 November 2021

The Harrietville plans were developed to focus on three key areas identified by the community in the phase one consultation: 

  • Tavare and Pioneer parks
  • Tronoh Dredge Carpark
  • Harrietville Community Hall

Based on community feedback, the proposed staging for the delivery of the discrete components of the project is: 

  1. Tronoh Dredge Hole Carpark 
  2. Pioneer Park and Tavare Park
  3. Harrietville Community Hall 
  4. Feathertop Track Footpath

Thank you to everyone who attended our community sessions, your feedback is important to the final project.

July 2021 update:

The final concept plans for Alpine Better Places Harrietville are available for community feedback.

Thank you to everyone who attended our community sessions, your feedback is important to the final project.

Have your say on the plans by Wednesday, 18 August by sending your feedback to or via mail to:

Alpine Shire Council

PO Box 139

Bright VIC 3741

June 2021 update:

Residents are invited see an overview on the latest detailed concept designs of Alpine Better Places Harrietville, at an upcoming community information session.

Choose from a lunch or evening session to see the latest plans explained by the project team, ask any questions and provide your feedback

Wednesday, 14 July 2021 | Harrietville Hall

Lunch session | 12:30pm - 1:30pm

Evening session | 7pm - 8pm 

If you are unable to attend on the day, the sessions will be recorded and available to view on our YouTube channel and website in the days following, and plans will be available to view on our website.

A two-week public consultation period will follow from the sessions to ensure everyone has the chance to have their say on the latest plans. 

February 2021 update:

Project consultants MDG Landscape Architecture have prepared draft detailed concept plans for Alpine Better Places Harrietville.

Residents were invited to a community information session to learn more about the project, which aims to revitalise and connect central township and recreation spaces.

A public consultation phase is now underway to ensure everyone has the chance to have their say on the draft plans. 

Please submit your feedback to by Wednesday, 10 March 2021.

August 2020 update:

On Wednesday, 16 July, Harrietville community members were invited to have their say on the draft concept plans during a webinar hosted by project consultants MDG Landscape Architecture. 

The presentation walked participants through the site analysis of the subject area, the opportunities identified and potential projects for community discussion and feedback.

MDG have collated the feedback from the July webinar and subsequent community engagment.

Where to from here?

Site feature surveys will be undertaken, then draft detailed concept plans will be prepared by MDG to propose the aesthetic direction and functional outcomes of the selected project areas.

This information will then be reviewed with the community once complete, to seek further comments and support prior to finalising.


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