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Project Update - Survey Results | September 2022

Thank you to those who took the time to complete our Alpine Better Places Harrietville community survey!

We received 101 individual responses and valuable feedback that helped to show the priorities and concerns of some members of the community.

Survey Results

The survey asked the community to provide support or commentary on key elements of the Harrietville Trail Head, including:

  • The lighting
  • The amenities
  • The day shelter
  • The overall designs

What we heard

  • Lighting - concerns over lighting pollution and impact on surrounding residents 
  • Amenities - we need to consider the size and location as well as manage the risk of camping 
  • Day shelter - we need to consider the size and location
  • Overall designs - we need to ensure it fits with the functional, natural and historic look and feel of Harrietville and provides fit for purpose walking trail head facilities 

Our Project Officer will work with the project consultants to ensure the above is taken into account and reflected in the detailed design.

Most respondents also supported the general Pioneer/Tavare Park and Harrietville Hall plans, will be delivered in the future when funding is secured.

Addresses have been removed and some comments have been edited to preserve anonymity.

Harrietville Walks Trail Head (near Tronoh Dredge Hole)

Funding has been secured for this exciting phase of the project!

This area was selected by the community during early phases of community engagement to provide an enticing and logical entry to the walking and recreational opportunities around Harrietville. 

This carpark sits at the corner of Feathertop Track, which is the point at which the Bungalow and Bon Accord walking tracks can come together and be serviced by a single location. 

This area would function as a trail head for these walks as well as for tourists looking to access the shorter loops around the Tronoh Dredge Hole and East Ovens Tracks, and as such contains the facilities required for users embarking or returning from short or long walks. 

This area will improve the parking amenity and connections to both the town centre and surrounding attractions, without potentially overloading the already busy existing attractions, including the existing Tronoh Dredge Hole day use area. 

Tavare/Pioneer Park Precinct

The intent throughout this area is to provide a unique and memorable town entry with improved wayfinding to trails and attractions, and to provide consistent branding across the township. 

The project aims to improve the links and associated usage of Tavare and Pioneer Parks and other key locations with a better provision of shelters, seating and amenities for visitors. 

The parking area in Pioneer Park is designed to be the natural point where visitors will come for information, and for their first experience of Harrietville, our “Mountain Village”. 

The area provides information and historical markers in a central accessible location, and links across the Ovens River to Tavare Park, and via the path network to the other precincts.

Harrietville Community Hall

The Harrietville Community Hall and surrounding area is being rejuvenated to increase the prominence and visibility of the hall from the road. 

The additions of a modest gathering plaza space in front of the building allows patrons to congregate more informally in the space and encourage greater use and participation within the Harrietville community. 

The landscaping will better identify this area as a public space, and improved pedestrian linkages will improve accessibility and usage.

Council is working with the Harrietville community to prepare plans which illustrate, cost and prioritise:

  • Improved streetscapes, including wayfinding signage, paths, tracks and trails to better connect the town’s assets and facilities, integrated landscape treatments and improved parking options.
  • Improved open space reserves, including upgraded and additional facilities and amenities.
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Infrastructure projects
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Friday, 22 July, 2022
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Current Project

Alpine Better Places Harrietville.
This survey is now closed. Please view for results and next steps.

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