Planning an Event

Planning to hold an event within the Alpine Shire?  

Permit applications are available for events that are planned and managed in line with the Victorian Government's Public Events Framework and Victorian roadmap for reopening. We encourage you to discuss your proposed event with the Events Development Team at Alpine Shire Council.

You will need an event permit if any of the following apply:

  • your event requires a booking
  • you require access to drop off equipment
  • you plan to erect infrastructure e.g. a marquee
  • your event is catered by an external supplier and/or if liquor will be sold 
  • you require changes to normal traffic conditions
  • you are charging participants a fee.

You don't need permission from the Alpine Shire Council to conduct a demonstration, rally or protest or other form of public assembly. However, we'd like to hear about it so we can plan for impacts to parks, public places, streets and footpaths and notify affected businesses and services. Before notifying Alpine Shire Council, we encourage you to contact Victoria Police for advice and to discuss potential police resourcing.

What to Expect

Timeframes for an event permit vary depending on the complexity of each event. Once you have discussed your proposal with the Events Team they will be able to give you an expected timeframe for your event proposal.

There may be associated costs relating to your application and event e.g. waste management, cleaning of public amenities, portable advertising permit, place of public entertainment permit, temporary occupancy permit, building permit and any damages to public space and infrastructure for replacement or repair. You can refer to fees relating to events within the Alpine Shire Council Budget 2020-21. A summary of fees can also be discussed with the Events Development Team prior to applying. 

Below is an overview of the process demonstrating what to expect when applying to hold an event in a public space within the Alpine Shire.


Please note, lodgement of an application does not guarantee availability of dates in the events calendar, booking of the venue or Council approval of the event.

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