Bright Western Gateway Development

Update | 18 November 2022

A subdivision application has been received by Council. No permit has been issued at this stage. Council officers will be working through the application with due process.

Please check back to this page regularly for updates.

Update | July 2022

Council has approved a Development Plan application for land at the edge of Bright township, paving the way for an exciting residential development.

The Development Plan was approved by Council at its Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday, 5 July 2022.

The approval of a Development Plan is different to approving a plan of subdivision. There is plenty of work to be done by the developer and Council’s Planning Department to ensure that the final projects meets the requirements of the Alpine Planning Scheme and satisfies key stakeholders.

Council will continue to engage with the community about how they wish to see the development progress and address any concerns as they arise.

There is no legislated basis for notification, objections or comments during the subdivision stage, however Council is aware of community interest and is committed to keep community members informed.

While Council’s Planning Department continues to work collaboratively with the developer to protect the best interests of the community, Councillors will listen to and advocate for the views of the community throughout the process.

The Development Plan provides a high-level concept for the site. Detailed design will still be required for areas such as drainage, roadways and landscaping, which will be determined at the planning permit stage. Final lot numbers and sizes will be established during this planning permit stage.

This development means that residents who are struggling to buy property, as well as future community members keen for a tree change, will have an increased opportunity to buy their own home.

Council understands concern by some members of the community about a large development taking place on the edge of town. However, Bright in particular (and the Alpine Shire as a whole) has reached an impasse when it comes to housing availability.

More homes means more people can live locally, more businesses can attract staff and the economy and community can grow.

The applicant has commenced investigation of retail and commercial space to service the additional lots within this development. This will be subject to a rezoning and community engagement process if it is to proceed.

Concerns around the ability of key services and infrastructure to cope with an influx in residents are valid, and Council staff will continue to work with service providers to ensure the needs of existing and new residents will be met.

Due to the staged nature of this development, the release of lots will be subject to Planning Permit and Building Permits, and will be constructed over an extended period of time.

Council will keep the community up to date throughout the process.

*Please note the plan below is conceptual only, subject to detailed design


Frequently Asked Questions

When will the community be consulted?

Where the application for Plan of Subdivision is in alignment with the Approved Development Plan, there is no Planning Framework to enforce notice with the community or consultation with the community. Despite this, and due to the sensitivity of this site Councillors held a Pop Up on the 2nd of July 2022 open to community members to ask questions. We will regularly engage in this way to inform the community throughout the next stages of development. 

There is an area on the development plan that is proposed for a town centre area. As this space is currently zoned General Residential, this parcel would need to go through a rezoning. This would require a formal amendment to the planning scheme which would involve consultation with all parties of interest, and placed on public exhibition.

What is a Development Plan? 

A development plan is an overarching plan that guides development of an area and provides indicative urban design outcomes or policy considerations to inform development. 

The Development Plan must be Generally in Accordance with the Development Plan Overlay (DP03, as it relates to this site). 

How soon will they build? 

The staging plan indicatives they will commence construction in 1-2 years. This is subject to:

  • Planning Permit (Plan of Subdivision)
  • Building Permits 

There are also other elements outside of Council control that may impact construction including market, construction crews/supply, serviceability of the site with North East Water. 

What is the “Investigation area for potential town centre”?

  1. The land is currently zoned General Residential so no retail or commercial can currently be built on this site
  2. The Applicant have raised that they would like to review this area for potential use as a town centre 
  3. Given community concerns regarding how these homes will be serviced with the current town capacity, Council wants to be transparent that this is something the applicant is currently reviewing 
  4. This will be subject to a rezoning and there is a planning requirement for public notice where the community has an opportunity to respond 

What is “encumbered public open space” impacts?

  1. The Planning Scheme requirement is to provide 5% public open space for new developments 
  2. The Development Plan currently exceeds the 5% requirement 
  3. Encumbered space has been identified on the plan where there are limiting factors relating to slope, bushfire impacts that will mean there are limited functionality in these areas 
  4. The function of these areas needs to be addressed at plan of subdivision 

What is a BMO?

Bushfire Management Overlay 

  • Most of Bright and surrounds has a Bushfire Management Overlay 
  • This outlines restrictions to construction and management of vegetation required for any site 
  • This is addressed at Planning Permit stage (Plan of Subdivision) 

What is an LSIO?

Land Subject to Inundation Overlay 

  • This reflects where break out flows or flooding occurs on a particular site, this can be viewed by VicPlan on maps
  • A portion of the site is covered by an LSIO, this area needs to be dealt with by flood mitigation proposed by the Stackey Gully Road or an interim solution offered by the applicant and plan of subdivision.
  • Council has completed a detailed flood study to address necessary upgrade works to Stackey Gully creek as part of this review 


A combination of factors,  including growing demand for housing through COVID have escalated the impact of and need for housing supply.

Council received a revised draft Development Plan application for 41 hectares of residential land on the Great Alpine Road in late 2021.

The property sits on the western edge of Bright township, forming part of the future Bright Western Gateway Development.

The land is identified as Lots 1 and 2 on Plan of Subdivision 613866 and Lots 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9 on Title Plan 859376X, Bright. 

It is broadly bordered by Great Alpine Road to the north, Stackey Gully Road to the south-east, and the Tower Hill escarpment to the south-west.

The site was identified as an ideal area for urban growth during a land review in 2005, and as housing availability becomes an increasingly serious issue, future development of the land has become a vital step towards easing housing pressure in Bright and surrounds.

The land was rezoned from Farming Zone to General Residential Zone in 2015, with a number of planning controls set out in Development Plan Overlay Schedule 3 (DPO3). The site is also wholly covered by a Bushfire Management Overlay and partially covered by Land Subject to Inundation Overlay (LSIO).  

The requirements of the Development Plan Overlay state that a permit must not be granted to use or subdivide land, construct a building or construct or carry out works until a development plan has been prepared to the satisfaction of the responsible authority. 

We understand this lack of public involvement may concern some members of the community, and are committed to keeping the community informed about this development into the future.

In 2015 the land was rezoned to provide for new homes. Part of the process in 2015 was to engage with the community and local stakeholders about the planning controls that should be put over the land.  As a result of this engagement there is no further community engagement at this stage of the application process.  

Since 2015 there has not been a development plan submitted to Council for consideration against the various planning controls. However, all that changed in November 2021.  The land changed hands in February 2022 and is now owned by the Melbourne-based Deague family. 

The new owner retained the current planning consultants to work with Council.  The final development will seek to balance key needs and expectations for all parties, including a range of housing types. 

Council officers continue to work collaboratively with the developer to ensure that at each stage of this development the requirements of the Alpine Planning Scheme are met - whether at Development Plan, Subdivision or Building Permitstages.

The Council officers have been reviewing the Development Plan together with the proponent and planning consultants, with the shared aspiration to achieve a positive outcome for our current community members, businesses and future residents alike.

In June 2022 Council called in the Development Plan application, meaning the application was considered at the July Council meeting at the Bright Council Chambers on Tuesday, 5 July rather than internally by Council’s Planning Department.

The Development Plan is a high-level step towards future development of the site. It is not a plan for subdivision, nor does it describe the houses or how many there will be.   

Any future development will be subject to conditions and oversight from the Alpine Planning Scheme through the Council’s Planning Department and Councillors.

A Development Plan allows a developer to proceed to further steps in the development process, and places some requirements over the land to be developed to guide the future subdivision of the site.

The below flow chart outlines the key steps of the planning process for land development.





August 2005

Alpine Shire Residential Land Review identified the site as the preferred area for residential growth  

August 2006

Planning Scheme Amendment C15 designates land around Great Alpine Road and Stackey Gully Road as Urban Growth Area 1 

August 2015

Planning Scheme Amendment C34 rezones site subject to this report from FZ to GRZ with DPO3 and LSIO also applied 

March 2021

Discussions commence between Council Officers and representatives of the land owners regarding preparation of a development plan 

August 2021

Alpine Shire Council engage environmental consultants to undertake flooding and drainage study to inform a development plan  

November 2021 

Draft Development Plan (V01, November 2021) submitted to Alpine Shire Council 

February 2022

Application lodged with VCAT under Section 149 (1) (d) of the Planning and Environment Act 1987. Hearing listed for 27 &28 September 2022.

November 2021 to June 2022

Applicant and Alpine Shire Council collaborate on securing improvements to the Draft Development Plan as submitted in November 2021.  

July 2 2022 Councillors met with community members during a Community Drop In to hear their views on the development.
July 5 2022 Council approved the Bright Western Gateway Development Plan V06 at its July Ordinary Council Meeting.


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