BHP Road Landslide

The Bogong High Plains Road is closed from Mount Beauty to the Falls Creek Alpine resort due to an active landslide event.

Alternative access to Falls Creek from South and North via Omeo Highway and Bogong High Plans Road Omeo side of Falls Creek is available, however this will add significant travel time to any planned trip.

Emergency Services Access

In order to provide access to emergency services and limited agencies to the impacted communities, an emergency service vehicle track has been constructed
to allow access to Bogong Village, Falls Creek and Howman’s Gap from Mount Beauty.

This track is available for 4WD emergency vehicles and limited agency access to use for critical works.

There is no pedestrian access through the closure area.

It is too dangerous to walk the BHP road near the landslide site.

Traffic control procedures are in place and only those individually listed will get through the access point.

What is happening?

Clean up of the landslide site is being managed by the Department of Transport.

A fleet of machinery is on site to remove landslide material.

Once the spoil is removed, the Department of Transport will re-assess the site, install monitoring equipment while retaining infrastructure to safely open a single lane of the Bogong High Plains Road under traffic management, while developing
and delivering long-term remediation works.

Active surveillance of the landslide site is in place to monitor any additional movement and site conditions.

A heavy-duty track is being constructed to access the crest of the landslide and enable large geotechnical equipment to drill large boreholes and install monitoring equipment to gather the information required to design the long-term remediation works.


There is a significant amount of work to be undertaken to remove the spoil from the landslide site and restore access.

It is estimated single lane access to Bogong High Plains Road may be restored early in 2023.

Progress updates will be provided to affected communities via updated newsletters (below).

Any concerns or questions regarding this event can be forwarded on

Community newsletters 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are geotechs who worked on previous slope works been consulted about options?

The project team continue to consult with the lead geotechnical engineers within the Department of Transport who were involved in the design and implementation of the both the gabion wall structure below the road in this location and the previous benching completed above the road. Given the complexity and size of this landslip, the project team has also engaged additional geotechnical consultants who specialise in landslip management to provide advice regarding this project’s initial and ongoing repairs.

Can the emergency service road be opened to other 4WD and use the red light system to direct traffic with emergency vehicles taking priority?

This track has been designed to ensure 4WD emergency vehicles can access Falls Creek from Mount Beauty when responding to an emergency. This track has not been designed to carry additional traffic volumes and is located near working machinery. Access to this track is carefully managed and is not open to the public.

Why are workers from AGL, Falls Creek Management, Howmans Gap, PARKS walking through village under the exclusion zone?

When walking, pedestrians are able to walk around the exclusion zone and park their second vehicle on the other side of the exclusion zone.

Can guests access Falls Creek Village via Omeo?

Yes, guests and visitors to Falls Creek can still access Falls Creek Resort via the Omeo Highway in Shannonvale. Motorists are advised to drive with caution as patches of ice and snow drifts are still evident in areas along the road.

Can the scope of work for permanent works at the current slip at Alpine Village include a geotech assessment for the entire 30 km?

The Department of Transport geotechnical team regularly assesses the arterial road network for geotechnical risks and will be re-assessing Bogong High Plains Road for further developments given the significant rainfall experienced.

There are other vulnerable sites along BHP Rd. How will they be secured to insure no future road closures/landslides?

Landslip prevention or remedial works along Bogong High Plains Road Transport are informed by the assessments completed by our geotechnical engineering team.

Is the Three Peaks cycle race challenge (March 11, 12) now not achievable?

The Department of Transport is in direct contact with event organisers regarding the Three Peaks Challenge and other cycling events planned for early 2023.

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