Council invites community feedback on Draft Body-Worn Camera Policy

5 March 2018

Alpine Shire Council is inviting community feedback on a new draft policy for the use of body worn cameras by authorised council officers.

“Our rangers and Local Laws Officers in particular are on the frontline in responding to a range of incidents across the Shire, from roaming dogs to illegal dumping,” explains Alpine Shire Mayor, Ron Janas.

“Whilst the majority of community members act respectfully towards officers, sadly there have been a small number of instances where officers were met with verbal aggression or threatened with physical violence.

“Alpine Shire Council is committed to ensuring staff can perform their roles in a safe workplace. The use of body worn cameras is a simple action that we can take to protect their health and wellbeing and ensure they feel safe when heading off to work.”

Research has shown that body-worn cameras can deter inappropriate behaviour before it takes place whilst also providing investigators and prosecutors with an independent perspective in the event of an incident reported by either an Authorised Officer or a member of the public.

The Draft Policy has been formulated in accordance with the Surveillance Devices Act 1999 and the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 and ensures the use of body-worn cameras is limited to Authorised Officers only. Access, use and disclosure of recorded data is detailed in 6.3 of the Draft Policy.

The Draft Body-Worn Camera Policy can be downloaded here, or read at the Bright Council Offices or Mount Beauty and Myrtleford Libraries.

Council encourages members of the community to provide their feedback by Sunday, 8 April 2018.

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