Council proposes lowest rate rise in Alpine Shire history

16 May 2017

Alpine Shire Council’s draft Annual Budget for 2017/18 is on public exhibition until 3pm on 8 June 2017, giving the community a chance to have their say prior to its adoption.

Outgoing Alpine Shire chief executive Dave Barry said Council has kept costs to ratepayers low through its continued commitment to reduce operational spending.

“This year’s rates and charges increase of 1.9% is the lowest in our history and 0.1 percentage points lower than the State Government rate cap,” Mr Barry said.

This year, $8.5 million in capital works improvements are budgeted throughout the Shire, including $1.1 million for road renewals, $1.7 million for the Alpine Events Park, $150,000 to expand the Myrtleford Indoor Sports Stadium and $700,000 for the town improvements to Myrtleford's Myrtle Street.

These investments, supported by the rate increase, (which at 1.9% is lower than the 2% mandated by the State Government), Council’s success in securing grants funding totalling $2.9 million, and downwards pressure on operational spending, sees the budget in a healthy surplus of $3.6 million.

The Draft Annual Budget Report for 2017/18 can be downloaded from the Alpine Shire Council website, or read at the libraries in Mount Beauty, Myrtleford and Bright.

The draft budget is due to be adopted at a special council meeting on 27 June 2017.

> View the Draft Annual Budget 2017/18 or make a submission

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