Rural Land Strategy comes to life

Alpine Shire Council councillors unanimously adopted an amendment, which is set to improve the Planning Scheme.

Amendment C39 was approved during last week’s March Ordinary Council meeting and Mayor Ron Janas said the changes which includes the recently adopted Rural Land Strategy, will benefit land and property owners within the Shire.

“This amendment sets the scene for investment, gives land and property owners a wider scope for potential property development, and provides clearer information on what can or can’t be done within the Planning Scheme.,” he said.

“The inclusion of the Rural Land Strategy into the Planning Scheme provides a clear direction for future development in the Shire by helping to protect our rich agricultural economy, whilst also allowing other users like nature-based and agri-based tourism.”

During the development of the Rural Land Strategy, Councillors were fortunate to be hosted by local landowners and farmers so that they could see agricultural enterprises in action.

Cr Janas said the Rural Land Strategy has generated much interest throughout its development.

“Many members of the community took the time and interest to comment on the strategy and Council believes this collaboration has led to a strategy that is owned by the community,” he said.

“And more recently, the consultation period of the amendment where council sent out 7,500 letters to ratepayers also provided the opportunity for the community to input into Planning Policy.

The changes to the Planning Scheme consist of a clearer and easy-to-navigate format which is similar to the state-wide Planning Policy Framework.

Both have separate sections which identify specific themes such as, Environment and Natural Resources, Economic Activity and Infrastructure.

Council hopes that this clarity will encourage greater understanding of the Planning Scheme.

Council will now send its revised Planning Scheme which includes the recommendations from the RLS to the Minister for Planning for approval.

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