Community input needed for Ovens River flood study

25 August 2015

The upper Ovens River is the subject of an extensive flood study by the North East Catchment Management Authority.

The study, which is being conducted in partnership with Alpine Shire and the Victorian SES, will develop flood mapping for the river from Harrietville to Eurobin, including influence of the Buckland River and Morses Creek.

The flood mapping will be used for land use planning, emergency planning and response, and community preparation for floods.

The community has been invited to attend a flood study community information session at:

Senior Citizens Centre
Cobden Street, Bright
Monday, 7 September 2015
3 to 7 pm (drop in between these hours at a time that suits you)

The study team is particularly interested in talking to community members who have experienced flooding in the study area first-hand.

North East CMA Floodplain Manager Tim Loffler is hopeful of a good turnout at the information session and is looking forward to listening to community members’ experiences of flooding in the region.

“Local knowledge is a valuable input to flood studies,” he said. “It helps us to better understand flooding and ensure our models replicate observed flood behaviour as close as possible.”

“We hope that people will come to the meeting with their flood photos and accounts of past flooding, particularly in relation to the timing, peak levels, and impact of flooding.”

Currently, flood mapping for the Upper Ovens River and its tributaries is either basic or incomplete, being largely based on the 1993 and 1998 flood events.

“The new flood mapping produced in this project will use current best practice technology, will consider historic floods and will model a range of possible future floods,” Mr Loffler said.

The Victorian Government provided $125,000 for the Upper Ovens River Regional Flood Mapping Study. The study commenced in April 2015, and is due for completion early next year.

Community members unable to attend the information session are welcome to contact Tim Loffler at the North East CMA on (02) 6043 7600 for further information or to share their flood knowledge.

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