Mt Beauty NBN tower application withdrawn in favour of co-location

Ericsson Australia has withdrawn its application to build a National Broadband Network tower on the golf course at Mt Beauty.

The company, acting on behalf of NBN Co., has informed Alpine Shire Council that it has undertaken further modelling and concluded that it can co-locate its antenna onto the existing SP Ausnet smart meter tower on the Bogong High Plains Road.

It will also use a recently secured alternative band in the radio spectrum to improve coverage quality and minimise interference in the radio environment in Mt Beauty.

Alpine Shire Council Manager Planning and Amenity, Nick Vlahandreas, said there had been a number of objections to the original application, some on the basis of the visual impact of the proposed tower, but also many expressions of support.

“This revised plan means that Mt Beauty will still get the NBN, but without the need for a new tower,” he said.

“The proposal to co-locate does not require council planning approval, but Ericsson has assured Council that it will provide written advice on the proposal, including compliance material relating to radio frequency electromagnetic energy.”

Mr Vlahandreas said the application for a tower in Tawonga was still proceeding.

“We’ve also received some objections to that application, as well as some support, and we will go through the usual process of negotiation between the applicant and objectors on that,” he said.

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