Dangerous tree removed in Mount Beauty

WORK to remove a cedar tree from S.K Pearce Park, Mount Beauty, began today, following an assessment by Council’s arborist, which established the tree was at risk of failure.

Acting Chief Executive Officer Trevor Britten said the tree has significant splits and is infested with white ants.

“The decision has been made to remove the tree for the safety of park users,” he said.

“The tree has serious splits where the main branches intersect, and there is evidence of white ants, which will have compromised the integrity of the tree.

“Although S.K Pearce Park is situated in the Mount Beauty CBD, this particular tree is behind other large trees so there will not be a high visual impact.”

The tree will be cut down to a certain size today to ensure it is safe, and complete removal will be carried out next week, using larger machinery to remove the stump and larger limbs.

“We understand the importance that our communities place on trees and do not take the decision to remove a tree lightly,” Mr Britten said.

“Trees are essential to local tourism and underpin the economy.

“We know that tree management is an issue that our communities feel very passionate about, and we share that passion and recognise the immense value that residents place on trees.

“In this case we believe it is essential to remove the tree as soon as possible for safety’s sake.”

Following the removal, Council’s outdoor staff will assess the park to establish any further works and potential plantings for the space.

“We will not look at replanting in the same position in this case, due to the tree’s proximity to the park’s shedding, but we will look at the park as a whole,” Mr Britten said.

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