Alpine Shire Resilience Committee continues its good work

25 July, 2014

THE Alpine Shire Resilience Committee met recently to begin planning for Resilience Month, which will be happening in October this year. The Resilience Committee was originally formed following the 2006 bushfires with a primary focus of empowering Alpine Shire residents to choose, influence and respond to change.

A resilient community is one that; functions well when placed under stress; adapts to new situations; is well connected; and is self-reliant. In order for residents to become more resilient, they need to plan and prepare for events that disrupt their ‘normal’ way of life. Being well prepared and having plans in place ensure that response and recovery from any form of disruption is quicker and more effective than it would otherwise be.

The Committee is made up of representatives from various agencies including Alpine Shire Council, Alpine Health, Victoria Police, Department of Environment and Primary Industries, Parks Victoria, CFA, Department of Human Services, North East & Border Mental Health Service, Red Cross, SES, Landcare and Womens Health Goulburn North East.

Alpine Shire Council Community Building & Engagement Officer, Jan Mock, has been on the Committee since it first started. “All of the various organisations meet and share information so that at the end of a meeting there is a good understanding of issues affecting residents in Alpine Shire. Where possible, strategies are worked out that may help people to become more resilient,” she said.

“Emergencies are an unfortunate reality in this part of Victoria so it is really important that we are prepared to deal with them and then the recovery that follows. The sharing of information and experiences between the key agencies plays a huge part in making our communities more resilient and better able to deal with the impact of emergencies,” she said.

The Committee meets every two months and Alpine Health Business Development Manager, Trevor Marshall, sees great value in being involved. “The Committee has some very experienced people on it, so at any given meeting there is always many years of experience sitting around the table. To be able to tap into this, share knowledge and ideas and genuinely work together is really valuable,” said Mr Marshall.

At this stage there are a number of events being planned for the month of October that will target a variety of audiences, from farmers and business owners, right through to children and families.

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