Seniors exercise classes subsidy continues

10 June 2014

OLDER residents can continue to enjoy subsidised exercise classes, with the extension of Council’s support of the “Active Seniors” class at the Bright Sports Centre.

Regular exercise is one of the keys to remaining as healthy as possible in your senior years. Staying active can even help prevent or delay diabetes and heart disease and reduce arthritis pain, anxiety and depression.

The beginner-level “Active Seniors” classes are chair-based classes ideal for those who need gentle exercise. They are held on Wednesdays and Thursday at 9am and cost $3.00 per session.

Council’s Community Officer – Facilities and Engagement Dave Stokie said the classes are suitable for all levels of fitness and for those who have not participated in group exercise before.

“The classes have been subsidised since November, with the subsidy due to end in June,” he said.

“Through Council’s Positive Ageing Project the classes will now be subsidised until the end of December.

“This is a great opportunity for older people in the community to be actively involved in classes specifically designed for them.”

The classes include gentle exercises for shoulder soreness and upper body strength, gentle stretching to improve flexibility, lower body exercises to improve leg strength and balance and gentle walking to improve cardiovascular fitness.

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